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More fake news from CNN as it tries to protect Alec Baldwin, push gun control narrative

On Friday morning, CNN posted a new article that was designed to continue trying to help actor Alec Baldwin with the backlash of the shooting death on his latest film. To recap, Baldwin was handed a gun, he did not check the gun, and when he fired a real bullet was in the gun and killed one person.

But that’s not the story that you get from CNN. In the article, CNN says that the gun that Alec Baldwin was holding “went off” and killed someone. This statement was obviously written by someone who knows nothing about firearms. A gun will not go off without someone pulling the trigger.

It continues the pandering of the radical left as they want to claim that there is a problem with gun violence. Many will skim over that statement. Others will read it and take the implication that the gun went off, but Alec Baldwin was simply innocent in the situation.

Let me be clear: when you are choosing to hold or use firearms, you become responsible for what happens. It is not the guns fault, it is not the gun manufacturer, gun dealer, or anyone else’s fault. As the person holding that firearm, you are ultimately responsible for what happens.

Mainstream media outlets have been quick to jump onto the situation and try to blame the armorer on the set. Yes, the armorer has the responsibility to make sure that real ammo is not on the set or being used. Then, that responsibility goes to the person that is using the firearm. They should check and double check.

This is responsible gun safety. Again, apparently something that no one at CNN or Alec Baldwin understands.

In their attempts to place the blame on anyone than Alec Baldwin, the mainstream media wants to bury the statements of the armorer. CNN buried them deep in the article. Her attorneys issued a statement that says, “She fought for training, days to maintain weapons, and proper time to prepare for gunfire but ultimately was overruled by production and her department.”

Guess who is a producer of the film ‘Rust?’ You guessed it, Alec Baldwin. If she had asked for training, maintenance, and proper time to prepare and they did not allow that, then again Alec Baldwin is at fault.

Do I believe that Alec Baldwin set out to kill this individual onset purposefully? Absolutely not. I do believe that it was a tragic accident that could have been prevented.

I absolutely believe that Alec Baldwin is responsible for the carelessness on the set. He is absolutely at fault for not checking the firearm and he absolutley should be charged in some fashion for his wreckless behavior.

That’s something that most likely will never happen. All because the mainstream media and his Hollywood friends are committed to protecting him from responsibility.

But more than simply protecting Alec Baldwin, you have to pay attention to what CNN is really doing here. For years, they have tried to push a gun control narrative where it removes the individual responsibility from the action. They continue that here with a simple drop of a line that plants a thought.

After any shooting, CNN and all their liberal propaganda friends start talking about how guns kill people. These evil ‘assault weapons’ are deadly and should be banned. They talked about how gun violence would be stopped if we simply remove guns.

Gun violence can be addressed if you simply deal with personal responsibility. Rather than holding the people responsible, they attempt to hold the guns responsible, just like they are here with Baldwin. This shooting death was not the guns fault, just like no other shooting death is the guns fault.

It is time that CNN and other mainstream media outlets stop pandering their propaganda in an attempt to push for gun control. The narrative is nothing but a lie and will not end gun violence around the country as they claim.

Instead, lets talk about personal responsibility. Lets talk about education, training, proper maintenance and preparation. Unless you are Alec Baldwin, then obviously you should get a pass because you are a movie star right?

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  1. Baldwin IS a f^#king IDIOT! This low IQ clown belongs in prison for a very very long time for the murder of the camerawoman. Lock his lying ass up. Better yet he needs immediate EXECUTION for a crime committed using a gun.

  2. Ah so the left wing media darling has feet of clay. He looked so old, grey, tired and fragile in his down moment in Vermont covering his face from media jackals. He had a lot to say about Trump. Let’s see if he can handle the heat in the media kitchen now. Funny thing how what goes around comes around. Maybe Saturday Night Live will run a skit?

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