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Mainstream media revives Trump Russia collusion propaganda as their latest distraction

Mainstream media is doing everything they can to keep the anti-Trump rhetoric alive. They are reviving the Trump Russia collusion story that they peddled for so long to the American people courtesy of a new interview with Christopher Steele.

Steele is the man behind the Steele Dossier, the document that has been proven to be an absolute hoax from the beginning. Even mainstream media outlets have admitted that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee funded the research that led to the dossier. It was, at best, an absolute failure of a political hit job.

That did not stop ABC from sitting down with Christopher Steele to “defend” his document as “mostly true.” In the interview, he noted that things have “gotten worse” and that the felt the need to “set the record straight.” To clarify what he means, he is saying that it is important to revive the anti-Trump narrative to try and distract Americans from what the Biden regime is really doing.

Yes, while most mainstream media outlets, including CNN, are peddling this propaganda, Joe Biden and his radical friends continue to live the elitist lifestyle. That is the President of the United States publicly violating mask orders and a restaurant’s mask policy, all because he is President of the United States.

This comes as he has directed his DOJ to attack parents at school board meetings as domestic terrorists. Parents are being arrested for showing up and fighting against these same mask mandates. It is just a little double standard, right?

ABC and its propaganda partners in the mainstream media do not want you to see those little details. George Stephanopoulos wants you to believe that there is something to this Steele Dossier. They want you to believe that Trump hated our country and was a Russian puppet.

All the while we are having massive product shortages across the country because of the Biden regime’s mishandling of the economy. Biden and his radical friends do not understand that their policies are causing massive inflation across the country. They simply reply that things are “well in line” with how they were in the past.

They must have been sleeping under a rock during the Trump administration before COVID hit. They must have also forgotten the recovery that was well underway after the pandemic’s initial wave. That was until Democrats shut everything down again.

They want you to believe that mandatory vaccines are not harming anything. Except there are sick-outs that are affecting American travel plans. Employees across the country are refusing to be forced into compliance with the government’s mandates. Mainstream media does not want you to see or hear these things.

Mainstream media outlets do not want you to see the latest evidence about how Fauci and his biological weapons crew misled the Trump administration regarding gain of function research. They want you to simply believe the story that this came from somewhere, but where it came from does not matter. The truth is that this does matter, because it appears that Dr. Anthony Fauci is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic in coordination with China. How is that not worth hearing more about?

Instead, we continue to hear more about the propaganda and the millions of dollars wasted on the Mueller investigation. We continue to hear about how Trump is crazy and that no one in their right mind would believe anything he says. We continue to hear how Donald Trump is a maniac and cannot be trusted.

The proven fact time and again is that the propaganda spewing mainstream media cannot be trusted. Mainstream media says should just simply sit back and trust them. After all, they got rid of the mean tweets guy, right?

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