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Liberal Repellant: How to Keep Your Red State Red

The Blue State Conservative

I was talking to my sister from Greenville, South Carolina, the other day and she was telling me, once again, about how all the Liberals (read Socialists, Communists, Progressives, Woke Libtards, or just Democrats in general) are moving to Greenville from up north and bringing their values (or lack thereof) with them. She was decrying their habit of driving around with one hand on the horn, ready to blow it at you or anyone else who even slightly gets in their way or simply draws their attention. And noting how as soon as they move into your neighborhood they get on the NextDoor app and start complaining about anything and everything they don’t like about living in the South, never stopping once to think about the fact that if they dislike it so much, they could move back to where they came from. Or the fact that maybe, just maybe, the reason the South was so attractive to them in the first place was because it is superior in so many ways to where they came from.

Another major impact they have had on Greenville is in real estate. A tiny little starter home my sister had back when she first got married that cost them $70K is now listed on Zillow for over $700k! Home prices are skyrocketing in Greenville and now it is getting to the point where native Greenvillians cannot even afford a nice house.

The other thing my sister noticed is that they all vote Democrat. Ugh.

So here they come, by the tens of thousands, attracted by the low cost of living, strong economy, beautiful weather, and friendliness of the culture, and what do they do? They vote for the very same kinds of politicians who destroyed the State they came from. There is a major disconnect in their minds between their politics and the destruction of their native State. But by golly, they know better than you do!

So what to do about this situation? I like what Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd, said, “Welcome to Florida. But don’t register to vote and vote the stupid way you did up north, you’ll get what they got,” Of course, admonitions like this make news, but rarely have any real effect on the situation. So, I started thinking, what can a red State do to hold the line against this cultural invasion, and it occurred to me that Florida and Texas are already doing the best thing possible. They are passing laws that are repulsive to liberals.

In just the most recent two years, the State of Texas, the Glorious State of Texas, has passed 17 laws protecting the 2nd Amendment. And most recently passed the highly publicized “heartbeat” law that prohibits anyone from performing an abortion after a baby has a detectable heartbeat, which typically occurs at about 6 weeks of gestation. This law was immediately challenged and taken straight to the Supreme Court of the United States to get a stay, which was, thankfully, denied. By letting the law stand until the court challenges work their way through the system, the SCOTUS essentially signaled how they are likely to vote when the challenge reaches them in due course. The law stands.

The outrage on Twitter was a sight to behold. Various female movie stars weighed in telling their millions of female followers in Texas to refuse sex to men unless they marry them first, as though this was some kind of new idea that would really put the screws to men in Texas. Wow! Suddenly the liberals discover morals as though they were something new! Hahaha! It was truly hilarious.

Another recently passed law in Texas was the much-publicized election integrity bill. This law made cheating vastly more difficult in the State of Texas. We all heard about it when the Democrat State legislators got on a plane (without masks in the middle of COVID) and flew to Washington, D.C. to prevent a quorum in the legislature (an incredibly stupid stunt), thus preventing the bill from being voted on. Of course, sadly, these same legislators eventually went back home to Texas, because it was unrealistic to think they could stay away forever. And when they did, the vote was held, the bill was passed, and Governor Abbot signed it into law. Thank God!

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis is no slouch, either. He and the Florida legislature have been hard at work battling leftist efforts to slap masks on everything that moves, including two-year-olds, forcing everyone to get the COVID vaxx, and trying to shut down the State because of “the pandemic.” I’ll let you do your own research on Florida’s efforts to stop liberal madness, but suffice to say, Florida is kicking ass and Ron DeSantis is a Giant. I hope and pray that he runs for President one day and wins.

By now you may understand what this article seeks to promote. If your red State wants to protect itself from a massive influx of Liberals that want to come and soil it like they did their own home State, your State’s legislature and Governor need to start passing laws ASAP that make Liberal heads explode. Given the short-term (and likely long-term) success of Texas’ heartbeat law, pass one yourself. If the way Texas did it doesn’t appeal to you, try this: set the fees for a permit to operate an abortion clinic too high to make it profitable. Or, if you can’t do that, require a prohibitively high per-abortion fee payable to the State that simply makes having an abortion too expensive to afford for most people. Or both!

Pass every single law you can think of to protect the 2nd Amendment. Do the same for protecting the 1st Amendment. Florida passed a law recently that fines Big Tech social media companies for censorship. Sadly, some lefty judge has apparently put a stay on the law until it is resolved in the courts, but hopefully the law will stand. This kind of action, even if it fails, tells Liberals “don’t come here.” Furthermore, such laws make the State unpalatable for some Liberals that already live there. Makes them want to pack up and leave. Perfect.

What we are seeing across the country is Conservatives are leaving blue States for red States and Liberals are leaving red States for blue States. This is not universal, but it appears to be a significant trend. If it keeps up, the battle lines between red and blue States will continue to become more and more well-defined. And that is a good thing.

So if your red State is reeling from all the Liberals moving into it, then call your legislators and your governor and tell them to start passing laws that protect your rights and your freedom. Laws that protect the sanctity of human life. Laws that put criminals behind bars and support law enforcement officers. Laws such as “Stand your ground” and “Castle doctrine” laws. In Texas, if someone comes snooping around your yard and peeking into your window, you can shoot the perv and likely won’t get prosecuted. Concealed carry of a firearm does not require a permit from the State of Texas. Hallelujah!

If your State doesn’t think it can pass such laws without court challenges and losses, it needs to take a cue from Texas and get creative. Start finding ways around court challenges. Also, all these laws don’t do a bit of good if your prosecutors are corrupt, so start paying attention to who’s running in your State’s District Attorney races and donate money to the conservative candidates. George Soros has been spending millions on small, local DA races and winning as a result. The effect has been horrendous. Just ask the McCloskey’s of St. Louis, MO. It’s time to start making Mr. Soros waste his money. And if you’re a wealthy conservative gazillionaire, you have a lot more to lose, so start ponying up!

Here’s an idea that has already made it on the books in some red States: outlaw the teaching of Critical Race Theory in public schools. Don’t know what that is? Look it up. And if your State is experiencing problems with communist organizations like Black Lives Matter or Antifa (a pro-fascist organization billing itself as antifascist), start arresting these people and putting them in jail when they break the law. Let them know they aren’t welcome in your State.

These are just some ideas about how your red State can stay red and even get a lot redder. If your red State is controlled by Republicans and those self-same Republicans want to consolidate and solidify their hold on their offices, they should be passing every conservative law they can think of. And when the political primaries roll around, pay attention and vote! This is where the most important victories are won. It does no good to let lefty RINOs win in the primaries! So, get out there and make it happen. It’s up to you. And you. And you! You cannot wait for some cavalry to come riding in to save your State! And most importantly, stay optimistic! If you get knocked down, get back up and try again! Never quit!

The best Liberal repellant there is… a strong dose of staunch conservatism.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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