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Knucklehead Of The Week: Hillary Clinton’s ‘First Foray Into Fiction’

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In another time and another place, this ill-advised tweet from the former presidential candidate would have provided comedy material for SNL and late-night talk shows for weeks, but they’re too busy nowadays running interference for anyone with a “D” next to their name. Therefore, we’ll just have to settle for this abbreviated analysis.

Winner: Hillary Clinton tweets announcement of “My first foray into fiction” regarding her upcoming book

Lest we be accused of taking Hillary’s words out of context, we must include the full content of her tweet, which read, “My first foray into fiction! It was a labor of love with my friend (and favorite mystery author) Louise Penny, and I can’t wait for you to read it. Pre-order ‘State of Terror’ now to dive in as soon as it’s released next Tuesday, October 12.”

So, the first question from anyone who has paid even cursory attention to American politics over the past thirty years has to be this: How can this be Hillary’s first attempt at fiction when lies pour out of her mouth like “amens” from a Catholic at Sunday mass?

If we were to attempt to document all the fictitious words to come out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth over the years, we’d need to write our own book with our own co-author. Perhaps even a series. Her credibility is so damaged that shortly before her glorious defeat in the 2016 election, Hillary told us that she was recovering from a case of pneumonia, yet only 45% of Americans believed her. Hillary has about the same level of believability as the third-grader claiming, “the dog ate my homework.”

But for those who may have forgotten – whether intentionally, or unintentionally – let’s consider some of Hillary’s more memorable works of fiction:

  • Virtually nothing she said about her email scandal was true, including “I turned over everything I was obligated to turn over,” and my personal favorite… they “contained no classified material.”
  • She lied about Benghazi repeatedly, including her statement on the night of the attack when she blamed, “inflammatory material posted on the Internet” as the cause, referring to an online documentary critical of Islam. We know this assertion to be a blatant lie because less than twenty-four hours later she admitted to the Egyptian Prime Minister, “We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film.”
  • Hillary channeled her inner Brian Williams when she made up a story about “landing under sniper fire” in Bosnia. Hillary the Heroic.
  • She told us that “all my grandparents” were immigrants, when in reality three of the four were born right here in America. Mathematically speaking, we might say that’s a fib to the third power.
  • And Mrs. Clinton’s efforts at fiction may have been most prolific during her time in the White House as First Lady, including lies about Whitewater, the firing of travel aides, and her legal representation of Madison S&L.

We should also note that these deceptions happened when she was in public service: as First Lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton blowing smoke up our asses is significantly different than your obnoxious neighbor sitting next to the keg at a Labor Day party telling tall tales.

But what earns Hillary her spot as Knucklehead of the Week is not her perjurious past, it’s her failure to recognize it. Hillary making the case that this is her “first foray into fiction” is akin to Michael Moore telling us that the ice cream cone he’s inhaling while chocolate hangs from his chin is his “first foray into desserts.”

Hillary’s tweet was an unforced error and one which opened her to widespread ridicule. She should have known better. Many Democrats used to point to Hillary as “the smartest woman in America,” but she’s not even in the top 50%. And this latest misstep is just another example.

Honorable Mention #1: CNN’s Wolf Blitzer marks nine months since January 6th Capitol riot

On Wednesday, Blitzer tweeted, “Nine months ago today – on Jan. 6, 2021 – an angry mob attacked the U.S. Capitol. I walked around the complex today and it was very calm.” Accompanied by a somber selfie with the Capitol Building in the background, the courageous Blitzer looked very serious. Eleven-year-old kids commemorate nine-month anniversaries of friendships. Pregnant women might make note of nine months since conception. But a CNN news anchor commemorating nine months since the Capitol riot?

Next October, will we recognize the 21-month mark? Should we make the 6th of every month a national holiday? Could you make it any more obvious Wolf, how badly you want to keep the Capitol riot on everyone’s mind? Rest easy, America. We have hard-hitting, no-nonsense journalists like Wolf Blitzer out there; pounding the pavement, turning over rocks, and looking for much-needed answers to difficult questions.

Honorable Mention #2: Joy Behar – Black folks shouldn’t worry about COVID vaccines because white people were the ‘experiment.’

No one’s ever mistaken Joy Behar for a member of the local Mensa chapter, but it seems every week she takes her stupidity to new levels. The View co-host made the comment on Thursday’s show as she made an awkward attempt to persuade black people to get vaxxed. Behar elaborated on her logic by reminding viewers of the Tuskegee Experiments and pointing out the clear contrasts in the two situations.

For our readers who happen to be black, how can you not be outraged by comments like these from a buffoon like Behar? The condescension and patronizing are nauseating. And Joy, I hate to break the news to you, but no one is looking for you to provide wisdom regarding the vaccines. You may not realize it, but regardless of our melanin levels, Americans are assessing the risks and data with the vaccines and making up our own minds on whether to get vaxxed. And yes, that includes black folks.

Photo is a screenshot from Twitter.

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  1. Hillary Clinton’s first foray into fiction??? Ninety nine percent of everything that’s come out of this woman’s mouth, at least verbally, has been pure fiction!

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