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James Marchese Discusses Why Employers Pushing Vaccinations and Passports Are Such a Bad Idea

Jim Marchese reminds freedom-loving Americans that restricting innocent people’s movements, employment, and liberties is the last thing America needs during the financial crisis and pandemic turmoil.  

One needs to look no further than the “supply crisis” and “inflation” to see the impact of these policies and the passport push. Workers are choosing to forego the vaccination, and we see the effects. There is a significant supply issue as truckers, workers, and cargo ships cannot meet demand partly because of policies requiring employees to be vaccinated or the country is pushing passports. Take a moment and look at the cost of fuel versus a year ago it has doubled, food and wood have tripled due to the supply issue. Soon, ordinary comforts like travel and eating out will only be for the wealthy, and in my opinion, that’s what the Politicians want! 

Jim Explains That a Vaccine Passports Could Be Abused

The scary part is software programmers, and smartphone developers who would develop vaccine passports would have control of your employment and travel. Look no further than Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram shadow banning and purging conservatives last year during the election.  They suspended the President of the United States’s account. What happens when employees from the company issuing the passport disagree with your political affiliation. They could alter your passport and prevent you from enjoying restaurants, travel and even impact your employment.  

James Marchese explains that there’s a chance that the sheer volume of data generated could pose threats to our civil liberties. Now the CDC and Fauci are pushing a “booster shot” every six months!  How will that work? Your passport is revoked because you missed a booster shot, and then you are fired?    

Without proving vaccination status, a hungry person could get locked out of a restaurant, corner bodega, or a supermarket. Or, he or she could be barred from entering school grounds to pick up a child. There’s also the prospect of being forced to choose between getting vaccinated or not holding onto a job.  All this is for a disease with a 99.0% survival rate for anyone under 60 years old and a 95% survival rate at 77 years old. These estimates assume no pre-existing medical condition.  https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/covid-pandemic-mortality-risk-estimator

Notably, the life expectancy for males and females in the United States as of 2019 “pre-covid” was 78 years old.  

A Slippery Slope?

Jim Marchese expresses that our freedoms may not disappear in one fell swoop. In a representative democracy like the United States, people might give up fundamental rights limitedly. Still, then after the restrictions go into effect, it can be hard to make them go away. The powers that be will want to hold onto their control after the crisis has passed. “The mandatory vaccine policies and passport will give the powerful people absolute power to control your employment, food supply, travel, and educational options.  “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” This was George Orwell’s quote in the book Animal Farm. It is a cautionary tale about how the people in power may change, but the use of power leads to abuses and bias.  

Look no further than NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo was drunk with power and fame, issuing lockdowns throughout NY State through executive orders.  He wrote a book and even received an Emmy for his news conferences on COVID. Yet, behind the scenes, he failed to include 12,000 covid deaths in his figures. NY had  2.5 million COVID cases and over 55,304 deaths, with a death per case of 2.3%. Compared to Florida with over 3.6 million cases and roughly 56,666 deaths with a death per case of 1.6% even though Florida has the oldest population in the Country.  Florida’s figures are in line with California, Texas, and Ohio. Moreover, Cuomo unnecessarily requested 40,000 respirators and created a facade of embracing women’s rights while sexually abusing multiple women.   https://www.google.com/search?q=covid+cases+by+states+in+us&rlz=1C1SQJL_enUS784US784&oq=covid+cases+by+states+&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0i512l9.4975j0j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8.

On the other Coast, Gavin Newsome, in 2020 with the most aggressive mask and lockdown policies, had cases and deaths in line with Florida, Texas, and Ohio, all states with lesser restrictions.  California closed down all restaurants except for Newsom’s favorite french restaurant. Newsom and his friends enjoyed a private dinner at “The French Laundry Restaurant” on November 6, 2020, without masks or the common folk to bother them at dinner. Newsom,  in contrast to his exclusive dinner plans, required universal mask mandates, closed restaurants and churches while leaving strip clubs open so unmasked naked and nearly naked young girls could rub up and down men for money.    

So vaccination passports for COVID-19, while appearing to be beneficial to the public, would be used to restrict freedom without any real benefit.    

What about the future? James Marchese goes on to explain that once “We the People” allow the government or employer to dictate our health decisions, our ability to work and travel, we will no longer reside in a country that a “government runs for the people and by the people.” The United States will be back to the days of “taxation without representation” and with the wealthy dictating where we work, what we eat, and where we travel. As Americans allow this infringement, our Constitution and Bill of Rights will be nothing more than a paper tiger.  The United States will be indistinguishable from China and North Korea.

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