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In cancel culture world, you better stay on agenda

On Monday, reports started circulating that Jon Gruden, the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders, planned to resign due to emails that had surfaced. According to the emails, he had used homophobic and misogynistic comments in his emails.

On Monday, the Daily Caller reported that Gruden had also used some interesting language in reference to President Joe Biden. It seems that Gruden was not so much of a fan of Biden. For the record, I happen to agree that Biden is clueless.

Late in the evening, Gruden did in fact resign. He becomes just the latest in the cancel culture attacks on past actions. Even though the emails were from several years ago, it appears he was being targeted specifically with their release.

Now let me start off by saying that I am in no way a Jon Gruden fan. I felt like he was probably much better in the television booth than he ever was on the field. But that does not change my feelings here.

Gruden was immediately attacked for cancellation by the cancel culture mobs. How dare he speak out against President Joe Biden, the NFL Commissioner, or the fact that the NFL is nothing but political theater pandering to special interest groups, like the LGBT community?

I have no doubt that when he sent these emails, prior to becoming the coach of the Raiders, he was not thinking about coaching again. He was being honest in a world full of people that want to hide behind social and special interests. He shared opinions that went against what the politically correct elites wanted to hear.

That is the problem. Gruden was honest. Sure, he could have chosen different words to share his message, but they would have still pushed for his cancellation. The issue for the cancel culture mob was not the words used, but rather the message.

In a world that mandates perfection, Gruden made a mistake. He told the truth. He shared how he really felt. Is that not what the radical left says we should do anyway? Are we not to speak how we really feel? 

Oh, that’s right. We can only share how we feel if it fits into the message and the agenda. If he was promoting the LGBT agenda, he would have been given a new title with the Raiders. He not only would be coach, but he would be director of football operations or something like that.

Time and again, Roger Goodell and the NFL have pandered to social justice initiatives in order to be “woke enough” for the public eye. Gruden called it just like it was. He called Goodell out for being a pandering woke liberal. Goodell could not handle that.

I have no doubt the NFL was partly behind this release of information. It would not be surprising if Goodell himself helped release emails to get rid of Gruden after what he said. He has never been able to tolerate criticism anyway.

It’s just the latest example of cancel culture coming after someone who tells the truth. The cancel culture mob will not let you speak your mind, say the truth, or criticize the agenda in any way. If you want a job anywhere in America, they want you to have to conform and remain silent.

Yes, he could have chosen more professional words, but that’s not Jon Gruden. He’s a tough guy that just calls it like it is. For his honesty, Gruden was canceled by the woke mob. It’s a shame that our world has come to this.

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