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#emptyshelvesJoe believes empty shelves are a sign of a strong economy

On Thursday, one of the top trending topics on Twitter was #emptyshelvesJoe. It’s all for good reason, too. Joe Biden has created an economic crisis through his continued mishandling of the U.S. economy.

Think about what Joe has done for our economy so far. Businesses across the country are still unable to find workers. Even if they could find workers, it’s not clear they could even find the products to sell people. With the numerous cargo ships sitting off the coast, businesses are unable to fill orders. Thanks Joe.

Restaurants are having supply chain issues. Many have posted signs with difficulty in obtaining products. They are being forced to scale back menus to basic items in some instances. When they do have the items, they generally do not have a very large supply and sell out again quickly. Thanks Joe.

Throughout the campaign, Biden claimed he was going to ‘Build Back Better’ but Americans are still waiting on that. We went from a booming economy, where money was flowing out of wallets and into products faster than you could ever imagine. Then came Joe Biden.

Biden and his regime place the blame on the coronavirus and President Donald Trump. They want to say that Trump is at fault for his mishandling of the country. But we never had shortages like this under Trump. Some will say we had shortages at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, but those were short-lived and due to people buying in fear.

There’s little fear across the nation of going shopping now, and still, the products are not available. Biden continues to sound like the broken record, blaming Trump and the coronavirus pandemic. He has yet to take responsibility for any of it.

He has yet to take responsibility for the coronavirus pandemic which has gotten much worse under his administration. As his regime has pushed for forced vaccinations, forced masking, and imposing punishments for those who will not comply, the pandemic has continued to worsen.

But remember, he had a plan to handle it better than Trump. He said he would wipe out the coronavirus. Yet, it’s still here. Just like he said that he would make our economy better, but it’s worse. Not just one thing, everything is worse under Joe Biden.

Joe Biden said that he would be the “supply commander” just last November. Apparently, he meant supplies for everything but Americans.

But if you really want to know where the Biden regime stands on the issue, you do not have to look any further than his Chief of Staff. Ron Klain retweeted this below, showing that they do not believe that this issue is affecting Americans. After all, it’s a high class problem.


They want to blame supply issues on the economy being so good with such low unemployment. It continues to show the Biden regime is out of touch with Americans. They are too busy in their basements eating ice cream to know what’s happening on Main Street USA.

This is so much more than a high-class problem. This is a communist problem. It’s an anti-American regime that is in charge of our country and is purposefully sabotaging our economy to help promote their community agenda.

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