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Elections Have Consequences: Gavin Newsom’s Renewed Authoritarianism

The Blue State Conservative

Not by accident, most legislative pronouncements affect young people: Covid vaccine mandates, school indoctrinations, and transgender madness. Make no mistake, the left is coming for your children.

Neither Barack Obama, who condescendingly reminded the American people that elections have consequences, nor Gavin Newsom, who declared his victory last month as a mandate by the people to rage on with his leftist insanities, could be more smug and unlikeable. I am just astounded people vote for people like this at all, let alone in droves.

In the wake of Newsom’s disappointing recall results, I simultaneously hold two thoughts: 1) I hope Californians are just miserable under the massive weight of stupidity and tyranny; I want their lives to be ruined until they wake up and repent to the rest of us. 2) I don’t want California to get worse, because it’s a harbinger of things to come and fleeing residents will just bring their God-awful voting habits somewhere else.

It’s what some might call a pickle.

Regardless of any personal feelings, the reality is that Californians have already lost more personal and economic freedom in just a few short weeks. As I said, though, since September 14th Californians deserve everything that happens to them as a result of their unfathomable idiocy. And yes, you are an idiot if you voted for Gavin Newsom. You might be nice, a hard worker, a family man, but at the end of the day you’re an idiot. Here is the proof in headlines:

1. “California to require Covid vaccine for schoolchildren, Newsom announces

Forced vaccination on adults is already immoral and illegal, yet when leftists appear maxed out on totalitarian tendencies, they find new ways to subjugate us. A reasonable person could ask for vaccines against measles, mumps, polio and a host of other deadly diseases for school-age children. This makes sense enough given the fact that these diseases carry real risks to those who are infected and likewise because the vaccines follow the same formulation as Edward Jenner’s initial smallpox inoculation; attenuated virus is an authentic simulation and produces an authentic reaction within the host.

The mRNA vaccines neither protect youngsters from harm – because there is no harm to begin with – nor do they accomplish the task of limiting transmissions or even mimic Covid naturally. Basically, this lab juice will be pumped into their bodies and achieve no positive results, although it will carry the risk of known short-term effects like heart inflammation and frightening unknown long-term effects.

There could also be no Newsom mandate without full elitism at work, and in this particular case it is absolutely worthy pointing out that his own kids are NOT vaccinated and by all appearances won’t be any time soon. This hypocrisy is multiples worse than even his French Laundry stunt or keeping his children in in-person private schooling while shutting down everyone else’s options. He is asking parents to poison their own kids while exercising his own parental rights to keep his own children free from unnecessary toxins.

2. “California makes Ethic Studies A High School Requirement

Despite 67% of Californians hating themselves, hating others, and hating their existence on this planet (as evidenced by the totals for both the Biden election and Newsom recall), it wasn’t enough. Newsom wants 100% of Californians to hate everything. Enter Ethnic Studies.

Make no mistake, the notion of ethnic studies is solely to portray America and Western Civilization in the worst light possible. This is not about uplifting allegedly oppressed voices; it is only about denigrating the voices of a culture who made the world what it is today, with all of its technological, economic, and societal advancements.

Thomas Sowell, in his excellent collection of essays in the 2005 book Black Rednecks and White Liberals, noted that most history of the other is usually about how the other was treated by the majority rather than of their own accomplishments. That is exactly what is happening here. Ethnic Studies will present Europeans as colonizers (and ignore human history’s relentless pursuit of conquest) and the indigenous tribes as peaceful saints who were robbed of their humanity. And it won’t stop there; the lessons to be gleaned will be that whites and their culture are bad whereas blacks and browns should be exalted and emulated.

On its own, the complete indoctrination of young people should be reason enough to retreat from government schools. Add to that the Covid mandate and no sane parent should even consider it an option at this point.

3. “California law bans small off-road gas engines, including lawnmowers and chainsaws

I wish people would understand some really simple concepts related to climate change. In short, climate change is purely a propagandistic catchphrase that enables Marxism to thrive. There is no magical temperature or level of ocean water in this world; these things always have and always will fluctuate. Climate changes with or without people. And, most bizarrely, by all accounts any warming that is occurring has a net benefit to humanity! Cold temperatures, not hot ones, are far deadlier to people and plant growth improves with more carbon dioxide in the air. Basically, the world is becoming more inhabitable.

Nonetheless, Democrats and the left (redundant) push forward with both stupid and tyrannical laws like banning gas-powered lawn mowers and chainsaws. There is simply no justification for any climate change policy, but banning gas-powered machines takes religious zealotry to a whole different planet. What else needs to be said about this? If Newsom had been struck over the head by a wind turbine he couldn’t come up with something much worse.

Some basic comparisons will shed light on this.

In the entire world, the percentage of carbon emissions from just the United States is under 25%. Even if we did nothing, the world would still deal with 75% of the current emissions.

Within the United States, California emits no more than 8% of all carbon emissions of the country’s total. On a global scale, that means 8% of 25% amounts to just 2%. The figure of 2% might sound like a lot still, but on its own the state would be considered the world’s fifth-largest economy. Suddenly, it looks a lot better and more efficient.

So where do lawnmowers fit in? According to national data, just 7% of all carbon emissions stem from the residential sector. Of that, nearly all of it comes in the form of heating and cooling homes. Lawn mowers do not factor into this equation.

If this law seeks to slow climate change, it is an abject failure. If it seeks to destroy individual liberties, then it succeeds unquestionably.

4. “New California Law Forces Stores To Have Gender Neutral Toy Departments

The trend in these headlines is the destruction and corruption of young people. I do not believe this is an accident. Some of the most far-reaching changes include mandating poisonous genetic material into kids, subjecting them to falsifications of history and cultural brainwashing in schools, and now making them believe biology is a feeling. This will be expressed in private businesses, which are becoming less and less private if Newsom can demand employers mandate a jab and tell them how to market their products.

The latest edict from the altar of woke theism mandates that large retail outlets have a gender-neutral toy section. The party of science thinks that boys are drawn to GI Joe and girls to dolls because of evil social engineering, as opposed to inherent biological features. It couldn’t be that men are protective and women are nurturing – no, no, no – it’s because bigoted marketing teams make them think that way. If the left is good at anything, it is ignoring human nature.

As a result of this transgender fiat, aisles once dedicated to Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, WWE, Legos, and all things that boys get most excited about will be merged with Polly Pocket, Barbie, Jewelry, and all things that girls get most excited about. The result will be the intentional blurring of lines and forced capitulation to the idea that the unique aspects of being a boy or girl are merely a social construct. The end result of mass confusion will be more mental health issues and detachment from reality. It is a sickness of the highest order that Newsom and others suffer to enjoy watching young people contort into ascientific and unhealthy beings.

The four headlines recounted above are just a sampling of the continued destruction of California, America, and the natural human condition. Already, some of the other more asesine and unconscious decisions have included allowing men to be imprisoned with women, which resulted in women being handed contraceptives and has even seen at least one impregnation of an inmate. This is all happening under Newsom.

Gas prices are spiraling, tanker ships are lining up by the dozens outside of ports, home prices are out of control, fires burn as a result of mismanagement, and both homelessness and crime are spiking. With each passing day, Newsom signs new legislation or executive orders that erode quality of life and freedom.

We have to keep asking: When will enough actually be enough for these idiot voters? In the meantime, you get what you vote for. After all, elections have consequences.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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