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Democrats show their hand for 2022 races in Virginia governor’s race

On Saturday, former President Barack Obama was called on to save the Democratic Party once again. This time, he was out in Virginia where Democrats have seen their hold on the Virginia governor’s race dwindle to a tie.

Terry McAuliffe was leading the race, in a state that Biden won by over 10 points, until the past few weeks. Glenn Youngkin, the Republican, has closed the gap tremendously with just 9 days left in the race. This led McAuliffe to call on Obama to come out and try to help him get some propaganda into the mainstream media to help move the needle.

Obama attacked Youngkin and attempted to tie him to Donald Trump in any way possible. He attacked his character for refusing to condemn things like the events on January 6. He said Youngkin was more interested in “trumped up culture wars” rather than addressing issues that affect Virginia.

The only issue is that these culture wars are truly affecting Virginia and other states around the nation. It shows how out of touch Obama and the rest of the Democrats are. Critical race theory and groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa are real issues for Americans. But the Democrats do not think so.

They believe that the real issues facing Americans are the lack of free housing, free tuition, free child care, etc. Things that Americans have never had in order to be successful in achieving the American dream. Things that our nation has never relied upon in order to become the most powerful nation on the face of the earth.

They want to label Youngkin as an extremist, which shows us the talking points for the radical left as we approach congressional races in 2022. If the plan from Obama and Biden’s handlers will work in Virginia, they believe it can work in other battleground states. They started this a couple of weeks ago, but attacks on the approach did not stick so they believe it will work.

This cannot be a campaign between a Democrat and a Republican. Instead, they want the election to be waged in the mainstream media between a Democrat and an extremist. Anyone who refused to distance themselves from Trump, anyone who supported any of his ideas and agenda for making America great and putting America first, they are an extremist.

It all started a couple of weeks ago when Democrats instructed the Department of Justice to focus on school board meetings where “domestic terrorist” parents are standing up against critical race theory and radical indoctrination. Biden and his regime instructed Attorney General Merrick Garland to go after those parents with the FBI. The same FBI that the Democrats have used to target their opponents for years.

It’s the same FBI that Obama directed to tap into the Trump campaign in an attempt to undermine an elected President. The same FBI allowed its agents to attempt and undermine the 2016 election. There are text records of that. It’s the same FBI that misled Americans on the results of the investigation into January 6. The same FBI allowed Hillary Clinton’s emails to be mishandled carelessly and disappear without a trace.

Obama was behind all of those FBI antics and I have no doubt he is probably the one calling the shots in holding parents hostage as domestic terrorists. He was an expert at mainstream media propaganda and blocking everyone from seeing the real story. That is the plan for 2022.

If the plan works, expect Democrats to start dropping the term “extremist” into their talks even more than they already did. They used the term “insurrectionist” until the mainstream media made us all sick to hear it. That will be the plan with the word “extremist” also. But they cannot let it take place too quickly.

It will be a gradual move. They will start using it over the next week or two in an attempt to sink Youngkin. If they are successful, they will start to use it in the January 6 hoax committee meetings. They will start using it more in their Sunday talking points as we move into the beginning of the year. Then the mainstream media will pick it up and continue the narrative for them.

Hopefully, the people of Virginia have had enough of the radical leadership in their state. I would hope they are tired of the Democrats oppressing them under their absolute control. I hope they are tired of their children being sacrificed to brainwashing in critical race theory and American inferiority.

If they are, they will go out and they will elect Glenn Youngkin as governor. That is not saying that Youngkin is perfect. I do not know him nor do I know too much about him. I do know that he has admitted he would ban CRT and not impose restrictions on freedom in the state of Virginia. Those two points alone make him a far superior candidate to McAuliffe. It also does not hurt if Obama tries to attack your character.

If they do elect Youngkin as governor, Democrats will once again have to go back to the drawing board for their plan in 2022. If Virginia goes to McAuliffe, life could get much, much worse for conservatives as Democrats continue their extremist talk and march into the new year.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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  1. If they vote using the Dominion or similar type of machine, they will win anyway. It will be up to the GOP to strictly monitor these polling places and any mail in ballots. Signatures and addresses MUST match the registration cards and have cameras watching the count. If any polling place refuses the GOP to participate, the news media and sheriff’s must be notified immediately.

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