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Democrats Are Imploding, All Is Well, Right?

The Blue State Conservative

There’s an expression I’m thinking of. Something about “failing to learn from history”…

The Democrat party, in its never-ending incompetence and bottomless fountain of hubris, is collapsing in on itself. Is there anyone who didn’t see that coming as far back as, say, dusk on January 6th? The fact is there have, in the past, been some almost intelligent Democrats, masters of connivance and contrivance, skillful gamesmen, wonderful orators of unlimited charm and charisma – and even they have fudged everything up when given the opportunity to lead. This bunch we have now? It’s amazing they even found their way to DC, and I don’t mean via election; I mean with a map.

At the top of the brainless wonder pyramid stands (when he’s not leaning on imaginary podiums) “Clueless Joe” Biden, who through forty years in DC has proven consistently, predictably, and daily how truly vapid he is. The man never met an intelligent thought he liked, mostly because they were just so different from the inanity rattling around between his ears.

Of course, we know Joe isn’t really the one at the top of the pyramid, but merely a figurehead. I’d call him an automaton, but to be that he’d actually have to be at least semi-functional and occasionally lucid. In terms of people wielding any real power, “President” Biden is more akin to the kind of fellow we find entombed inside a typical pyramid. Joe’s the one who gets all the credit – which is to say, takes all the blame – but that’s the extent of his contribution to the world of Democrat politics as it’s being played today.

Then there’s the Veep, our dear under-Chancellor Kamala the Intellectual Giant.

I’ve tried to wrap my head around how this woman was ever seriously considered for the role she currently serves, let alone how she was actually awarded it. The only thing I can come up with is that she’s probably the only person upon the entire political landscape, with the possible exception of Mazie Hirono, who is truly dumb enough to make Joe Biden look smart.  If “Clueless Joe” is out of his league, Kamala showed up at the baseball diamond wearing shoulder pads (and Hirono was already there with a hockey stick).

To think, though, that this is the limit of the dim-wittedness present on (and behind) that pyramid is to admit that you either live under a rock, or you yourself are a HoF caliber mental midget. Wait – mental little person, I mean. (Is little person still okay? I’m having trouble keeping up with what we can and can’t say these days. Little person?)

No, at this point in time we are witnessing the ultimate expression of the dangers of participation trophies. There has never been a horde of people so unerringly incompetent and unfailingly arrogant as those we see in power positions within the Democrat party today. Start calling out names – Swalwell, Schiff, AOC, Nadler, Waters – you can’t help but understand viscerally just how low the collective IQ of the entire party must be. I felt my own IQ slip a few points just saying their names.

They stole the reins of government (because not enough people were paying attention to what was going on), managed to put themselves in position to get anything and everything they ever wanted – and then completely effed the whole thing up. We’re talking failure on a scale that makes the maiden voyage of the Titanic seem spectacularly successful in comparison. By every single metric, for both the agenda they claim to want and the political results they’d like to have, this administration has been the dumpster fire to end all dumpster fires.

The Democrat party reign of 2021 has been the Peter Principle and Dunning-Kruger effect rolled into one big burrito, with a filling of narcissism and cheese.

In just a few days Glenn Youngkin is going to win blue Virginia’s Governor’s seat by double-digits, and the shock waves throughout the Democrat party are going to be so monumental that it’s conceivable we could see entire blocs of politicians switching to the GOP. At the least, anyone still foolish enough to call himself a Democrat afterwards will sprint from Joe Biden like Chariots of Fire, except not in slow motion.

Whatever “progress” may have ever been made toward the Biden agenda will be so dead in the water even the sharks won’t bother to surface for the putrid corpse.

Our national nightmare will be over. We have nothing to worry about, right?

Oh, you foolish, complacent nincompoop. Are you a participant trophy poster child, too?

I said the Democrats, and those who identify with them, are stupid. I didn’t say they were just going to quit. If they’re too stupid to know they’re stupid, what makes you think they’re smart enough to realize they’re dead? And the one thing these people have always had over the conservatives is unequaled tenacity. No, they aren’t giving up; they’ll just have to resort to more “direct” means.

The two things that are certain, following the mass exodus from the Biden coattails (which were nothing more than an un-tucked shirt to begin with), are that the black-bloc jackbooted thugs we saw in the Summer of 2020 will reactivate with numbers, money, and political cover they’ve only dreamed of to this point (and BOY, will they be anxious to tear some sh*t up), and the Republican branch of the uniparty will find a way to once again make the Democrats look like genuine descendants of Einstein.

Besides Democrats, the only bunch that more consistently blows the impressive leads they’re spotted is Republicans.

Politics is a pendulum. It always has been. The question has never been “will party X ever get into power again” because the answer to that is always yes. The only real questions are “how long with Party Y be in the driver’s seat” and “what will adherents to Party Y” do when they lose that position”. Traditionally, the second answer has been “moan and groan, but deal with it until they win again”, but we’re not dealing with traditional Americans and we’re certainly not going to see a traditional response.

To the question of violence, my opinion is we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Unlike times of yore, we’re now significantly weakened (intentionally) across the board, from law enforcement to emergency services. We’re facing economic challenges that are unprecedented, and supply shortages that are already off the charts. Our ability to respond to civil unrest is deeply damaged, and the tools we use to recover from it are being taken off the table with every passing minute. The breakdown of civil society in America is inevitable, and given the raging incompetence that has led us to this moment in time, it may well be imminent.

And that, my friends, is where you must pull back the curtain to see the truth of it all – that the Democrat party and their overzealous over-reach was not only not an accident, but was a fortuitous bonus for the evil bastards truly pulling the strings.

Even they couldn’t have predicted such incredible incompetence as we’ve witnessed from the people supposedly at the helm, or the stunning rapidity with which the situation has deteriorated into predictable violence and mayhem. They couldn’t possibly have scripted this any better.

Now we all get to participate in the dance they arranged and choreographed.

That dance is meant to be the swan-song of the American experiment, and we may well be in a now-or-never moment for the people trying to tear us down. They underestimated the will of the American people, evident with the election of Trump in 2016 and underscored by his resounding re-election in 2020, and highlighted even more by the ongoing strength of his name and presence within the nation even after they cheated to bury him. They see the great swell of freedom pulsing within the populace, and they fear Lady Liberty as she arises from too long a slumber. They will only ever have one shot at this, EVER, and I believe that they believe this is that one shot. Take it now, or forever lose the opportunity.

Couple this with the avalanche we’re currently facing, an economic “perfect storm” of history-shaking proportion that only grows with fury as the days pass. We have an unsustainable debt serviced by a flailing economy that has shrunk by orders of magnitude and only hurtles faster in the wrong direction minute to minute. We’ve got a placated public that has been handed enough of everything of late to actually believe there is no need to work for anything, and throngs of people walking hundreds of miles to reach a porous border where the message has been “come on in and take whatever you want, or better…we’ll just give it to you!” We have everyday Americans who once rode the train together in peace and simple apathy, who now look askance at anyone who doesn’t look exactly like them. And we have Karens on every street patrolling for every kind of perceived slight, from violating mask mandates to disrespecting someone’s “chosen pronouns”.

From where in this mix do you draw any idea of great victory? Do you seriously believe that the wickedly predictable collapse of the Democrat party under Joe Biden is somehow a laurel upon which we can all rest?

If we make it that long, the fact is that Donald Trump will win the White House again in 2024. He could run Biden’s campaign at that point, never leaving his basement, and he’ll still garner a wider vote margin than anyone since Reagan trounced Mondale.

Will that somehow be our salvation?

No. That will merely be one more reason for the evil sons of sea hags to double- and triple-down on their onslaught upon our peace and prosperity. This darkness get’s MUCH darker before we stand any chance of seeing a real dawn…if we ever see another in the first place.

None of this is to say we have no hope. On the contrary, we should see right now, more so than at any other time in the last several years, that we have a whole country full of hope. But to step out from under the shadow we’re currently basking in, we’re going to have to accept certain realities. First and foremost of these is the fact that we can no longer sit silent, complacent, idle. We must begin getting very loud, very proud, and very active. We also cannot give up on the ballot box; on the contrary, we have to make sure it’s so stuffed with our ballots that there’s not enough room for the cheaters to add their illicit ones. We have to remember, too, that it’s not enough to elect Republicans; we need AMERICA FIRST REPUBLICANS. No more establishment (R)s, no more RINOs. If they aren’t in the Trump mold, with the Trump agenda, they don’t belong in the people’s government. Primary the establishment, and qualify, then support, the incoming replacements. Establishment Republicans are just the flip side of the same coin shared with Democrats.

Mostly, we have to accept that things will get ugly, maybe very ugly, and we have to prepare to give back just as ugly as we get. For the foreseeable future, that’s almost a certainty. Get yourself and your family ready for the worst. Fix your mind to the fact that life isn’t the same now as it’s ever been for any of us, and it isn’t going to get better anytime soon. It certainly won’t get better if we lay like doormats while Antifa and their puppet-masters roll over us. We must abandon our fears, embrace our legacy as freedom-loving Americans who are prepared to stand against those who would see us fall – and then take a position in line with the other hundreds of millions of patriots who will not allow our enemies to take us down without a fight.

No matter where that fight is or by what method it’s fought, it’s time we joined it.

Today that may mean attending a protest at your local school board. Tomorrow that may mean linking arms and standing between miscreants in black bloc who are trying to burn your town down.

Whatever, wherever…that must be our new motto as American patriots. The complacency has to stop right now.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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Jackson P. Chamberlain

Jackson P. Chamberlain is a right-leaning, liberty-loving husband and father whose American heritage dates back nearly four hundred years. He writes from his home at the base of the Appalachian Mountains. He can be found on GETTR @jpchamberlain, or on MeWe as Jackson Chamberlain. He does not do Facebook or Twitter.

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