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Crony Capitalist Corporations And Socialist Government Tyrants: Hellbent On America’s Destruction

The Blue State Conservative

Greed as a form of government

Corporate America and the D.C. swamp are friendly rivals, enjoying a long history of growth for both teams as they have the goal of creating obedient individuals who acquiesceg to donating their labors to their betters.

The MBA is the acronym for Master of Bureaucratic Advancement in both worlds and is the basic commonality between the two systems.  The letters behind your name are key to advancement as a tiny cog in the massive wheel. It is equivalent to the position of Associate Assistant Undersecretary for restroom development in southern Africa and in the D.C. jungle.

The growth of the monopolistic corporate beast has been through many stages since its inception 125 years ago.  It has expanded in tandem with the socialist government structure, and both are in a race to have ultimate control of our lives.

It can appear that these entities are in conflict, and they occasionally are, but their mutual interdependence always floats to the top.  The swamp always requires money, and the greatest source for that money is Wall Street.  They have had an agreement on dividing the booty that has worked well through many a tough time and are now on the verge of  total control.

Apple is an easy target for analysis as it is the largest company on Wall Street.  They recently announced that they are responsible for the employment 4.8 million workers, most in China.  There are certainly other examples such as the auto and drug companies. These companies are fall guys for a trendy business school idea from 40 years ago which has had some interesting ramifications today as it has reached full bloom.

Just-in-time manufacturing began as a method of accounting foolishness that allowed more profit to be reported just in time for quarterly bonus checks to be issued.  Major companies required their larger suppliers to build a parts plant adjacent to the assembly factory for quick and easy delivery.  Scheduling could be adjusted by walking next door and freight bills faded away.

At that point there was little money left to wring from the manufacturing supply chain.  What was there left to do to raise profits?  Labor unions would not budge on wages and so began the initiation of auto and tire manufacturing to the South by foreign companies.  They had no union connections to inhibit this movement, so Michelin, Firestone, BMW, Volvo, Mercedes, and Kia enjoy excellent profitability and quality at their facilities. This move established a new model economy for the country and a seed was planted for future harvesting.

The harassment of business by politicians looking for kickbacks was increasing as there had been no raises for the D.C. slugs for a number of years. In rides George Bush with his New World Order that first identified itself with the NAFTA treaty.  As the prophet Ross Perot stated, ”the sucking sound you hear will be our jobs moving to Mexico.”  This created quite a bit of money for our corporate elite as well as the political class.  What could be better?  Unfortunately, they forgot our American jobs and the tax benefits created to feed the Federal monolith.

The profitability rise from the new southern state manufacturing programs created a flashing light that anyone could see.  How could the system extend this trend to other industries and other product lines?  The stampede of jobs to Mexico began to pick up steam.  The just in time parts supply was easily extended across the border.  The MBA crowd had a new column of numbers to reconcile making everyone happy except for the U.S. production worker left high and dry. The new virgin fields of China beckoned with slaves to reduce labor costs even further and one billion possible customers to fatten the old purse.  Be still my fluttering heart!

The only stumbling block was the myriad of international treaties that needed to be redrawn or eliminated.  There was no problem of course, since Dollar Bill Clinton was at the helm.  The Chinese sent campaign contributions and cash to the WTO, and Billy boy opened the door to the Chinese exploitation.  Quite a few of these representatives went to jail, but considering the big picture of trade a few sacrifices were worth it.  How did Chinese just-in-time supply work out anyway?

Now we are left with millions of jobs overseas and nowhere for our manufacturing labor to turn.  The little guy cannot hope to match the $4.7 billion in contributions by the medical industry to politicians in the past 20 years.  There will be no end to the flow of the export of jobs and the misery it creates.

The combination of Wall Street and D.C. is of course unbeatable.  It accounts for the huge deficits that are being forced on our children and their grandchildren.  For what?  Power for a few and huge wealth for fewer.  This has been the continuous program since the Federal Reserve began to eliminate gold as the basis of our monetary system for the bankers’ benefit.  The mistakes by the Fed include the entire Great Depression as admitted in a lecture by Mr. Bernanke some years ago.

Belief in our government has led to a continuing deterioration of both our civil and financial rights.  Our experts are really very ordinary people both in their moral and intellectual abilities and attitudes.  By transferring our duties as citizens to these groups, we have ruined our vision of ourselves and future generations.

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