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Biden’s Border Policies Deprive Americans Of Their Constitutional Voting Rights

One of the most visible and sacred indicators that an individual is a citizen of a free nation is that they have a vote so that they can help decide who runs their country.

But when Joey Biden opened the southern border and allowed untold waves of foreigners to enter our country, each of these invaders nullified one more vote of an American citizen, which means one more American’s vote no longer mattered, because Joey and his corrupt Democrat pals plan to have all of these millions of new Democrat voters in place and actively voting in short order.

And if you don’t believe that nullifying citizens’ votes is the Democrat aim, they’re already doing it on the local level in San Francisco, and that’s partially why California is in the process of falling off a very high cliff as a functioning state of this formerly great nation.

This elimination of a citizen’s vote, along with the Democrat efforts to win elections via vote fraud, piled on top of millions of invaders who are bringing disease and crime to America, spell doom for America and our constitution. Along this line, the unscientific, leftist partisan and science flip-flopper, Anthony Fauci, insists that the millions of disease carriers entering our nation from various third-world countries have nothing to do with the spread of covid, but if an individual, healthy American citizen chooses to not get a vaccination, this person is accused of killing people and being a threat, perhaps even being called a domestic terrorism threat by the liar Joe Biden, to all who have been fully vaccinated against the disease. This nonsense thinking and illogic from the American political left is bringing America down hard.

It’s the end of science and personal liberty when healthy people who decide against taking a vaccine for this or that disease are called names and accused of crimes simply for refusing the vaccination, while at the same time known carriers of those same infectious diseases are illegally allowed entry to our nation, be identified as innocent asylum seekers, and are quickly and silently shipped, by the corrupt United States government, throughout the nation, with no control and seemingly no concern about the invaders’ condition nor about the condition of American citizens they may come into contact with, and possibly infect with a deadly disease.

To hell with Biden and his anti-American policies and ideas, and to hell with Fauci and his, at best, confused science. The evil Democrats must be opposed by patriotic Americans or our next election will be our last election as a free and prosperous nation.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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