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Awful Kamala Harris Video was Staged with Child Actors


The first short in Vice President Kamala Harris’ YouTube Originals space series featured child actors who auditioned to be flown out to Washington, D.C., and participate in the video.

The special, “Get Curious with Vice President Harris,” was meant to excite kids about science and space, but quickly went viral over what commentators described as an overly dramatic performance by Harris.

“You guys are gonna see, you’re gonna literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes!” Harris said to a group of kids in the video, sounding amazed. Many people on social media compared the video to HBO’s “Veep,” a comedy following the misadventures of the first female vice president.

The children reacting to Harris were actors, including 13-year-old Trevor Bernardino, who was asked to submit a recorded monologue talking about something he’s passionate about, along with three questions he would ask a world leader, according to an interview with KSBW TV. Subsequently, he was asked to interview the director of the production to test his interviewing skills.

“Then after that, like a week later my agent called me and was like ‘Hey Trevor you booked it,’” Bernardino said. He said none of the kids knew they would be meeting with Harris until they arrived in Washington.

“Me, my mom, dad, we were speculating who could be this important that we meet them in D.C. and we get to go on cool trip and film,” Bernardino said, KSBW TV reported. The kids also went on a scavenger hunt to find supplies to build a telescope at the Naval Observatory, based on clues given out by an astronaut.

“The most exciting part was definitely meeting Vice President Harris. There’s nothing that can top that. Like, honestly,” Bernardino said. “She just sat us down. She is super charismatic. She’s everything that I ever thought of her, plus more. She made me feel like one of her peers, and at the time I felt super important. I was talking to her face to face.”

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