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Privacy for Me, but Not for thee: WHO Withholds Own Employees’ Vax Records

The World Health Organization has informed The Associated Press of their refusal to release the vaccination records of their employees.

The AP reported Friday:

“We won’t have that because it’s confidential,” said Dr. Margaret Harris, a World Health Organization spokeswoman.

Referring to United Nations personnel, U.N. Geneva spokeswoman Alessandra Vellucci said: “We don’t disclose this kind of information. It’s something that is said to the medical service. So, no, unfortunately, we won’t be able to give you these numbers.”

Vellucci said she would look into whether percentages of U.N. staff that had been vaccinated could be provided.

This implies a moral imperative to preserve the privacy of personal health decisions — a luxury that the WHO seems unwilling to extend unto those outside the good graces of intergovernmental bureaucracy.

For example, the WHO has issued public statements that effectively serve as in-kind endorsements of international “vaccine passport” systems.

The WHO has refuted the idea of using vaccine passports largely because of subjective concerns over inequity in vaccine distribution. According to them, the fact that distribution in many developing nations is lagging behind that of the rest of the world is what should be hindering implementation of passports. The dire threat to civil liberties that looms behind them is only secondary to so-called “vaccine inequity.”

In other words, so long as there’s some degree of equity (whatever their subjective definition of it may be at the moment), the WHO is perfectly content with governments and private entities demanding your medical records as contingencies for participation in society.

Just don’t ask them for their own employees’ records. That’s verboten.

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, the WHO has come under fire for their endorsement of draconian public health measures and failure to hold the Chinese government accountable for its escalation.

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