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Knucklehead Of The Week: Vote For Me Or People Will Die

The Blue State Conservative

Each Saturday when calling out the stupidity of the past week, I realized recently that I would be better served if I identified the specific knucklehead behind the knuckleheadedness instead of just pointing out the overall stupidity of a news item. (And if ‘knuckleheadedness’ isn’t a real word, it should be). In kicking off our adjusted format, we find ourselves faced with too many candidates to mention in one of the most knuckleheaded weeks in recent memory. But as always, we’ve narrowed it down to one winner and two honorable mentions.  

Winner: California governor, and hopefully soon-to-be-former California governor, Gavin Newsom

Not only is California still the land of fruits and nuts, but the Golden State is also fruitier and nuttier than ever, which makes the fact that Gruesome Newsom faces the distinct possibility of being recalled with the September 14th special election even that much more remarkable. In a country with some extreme leftists in positions of power, the Democrat Newsom ranks near, if not at the top of that list. Newsom is left of left.  And that attribute alone should be enough to protect him from such extreme accountability. But it might not be.

Recent polling shows the likelihood of Newsom being removed beginning to slip. Conservative/libertarian commentator Larry Elder continues to be the most probable replacement for Newsom if voters do indeed vote to remove him from office in two weeks, but that polling shows that 58% of Californians may now vote ‘No’ for a recall. Did that good news settle Newsom’s nerves? Has he toned down his “Elder is the anti-Christ” rhetoric? Not a chance. Because the fact that only 58% are saying they’ll vote ‘No’ is far too close for comfort in the bluest state in the country, and that reality makes Newsom jittery.

Newsom, the former San Francisco mayor, hasn’t even been governor for three years yet, but the damage he’s caused in his short time in office has been breathtaking. Skyrocketing homelessness, debt, and crime, and a devastated economy due to Newsom’s policies have resulted in a mass exodus from the state. California is in debt; California is in trouble; California is in shambles, and Newsom has virtually no good news on which to run. So, what’s a leftwing fearmonger to do in such a predicament? Try and scare the hell out of your voters.

Governor Newsom is returning to his previous COVID playbook by reimplementing mask mandates and implementing vaccine mandates. And, predictably, he’s accusing any other public official who doesn’t take his same approach of being reckless. He also suggests, and rightfully so, that Larry Elder would be one such public official. But the one statement from Newsom this week that is utterly absurd, the comment that justifies his elevation to this week’s dreaded Knucklehead of the Week, was this gem: “What’s at stake in the September 14 recall? It’s a matter of life and death.”

Yup, you read that correctly. Californians defeating the recall effort of Newsom in two weeks is so important, lives depend on it. If you vote ‘No’ on September 14th, lives will be saved. If you vote ‘Yes,’ people will die. Newsom’s approach is stunning, cynical, and despicable. But it’s also wildly dishonest.

The primary characteristic which is most likely to put a COVID patient at risk of dying is that person’s age; more so than virtually any other attribute. We’ve had less than 400 Americans under the age of eighteen die of COVID, while we’ve had hundreds of thousands over the age of 65 perish. Furthermore, demographically speaking,

California is one of the youngest states in the county, and Florida is the second oldest. For that reason alone, we should expect to see the COVID death rate in Florida overwhelming that of California, but we don’t.

Florida, which has admittedly had a rough couple of months with COVID, still ranks only 17th in the country for deaths-per-million while California ranks 32nd. Both states are in the middle third of the country for that statistic. The big difference between the two states is, Florida hasn’t destroyed its economy as California has, and Floridians haven’t had their rights trampled over as Californians have.  Despite Newsom’s youthful populace and his fascistic approach to lockdowns, masks, and vaccines, almost 1,700-per-million have died in California, compared to Florida’s 2,100-per-million. And those numbers are partially behind the effort to oust Newsom, while

Florida governor Ron DeSantis enjoys solid approval ratings.

Gavin Newsom’s COVID tyranny doesn’t save lives, but it does destroy them. Newsom is a disaster, and probably the worst governor in the country now that Andrew Cuomo is off playing golf and frequenting strip clubs. The idea that voting for Newsom is a matter of life and death is outrageous, and for the man himself to be the one suggesting it earns him his spot as Knucklehead of the Week. Governor Newsom, you, sir, are a clown.

Honorable Mention #1: President Joe Biden, calls Afghanistan withdrawal an 

extraordinary success

For those hollering at their phones and computer screens that Sleepy Joe should have been this week’s winner, you’re probably right. Then again, if we ever decide to consider a Knucklehead of the Millennium, Biden will be the favorite then as well. But we’re going to need to mix things up. Joe can’t win it every week, and Newsom’s buffoonery this week was pretty epic. Regarding our esteemed president, there are a lot of words one could use to describe what he’s done in Afghanistan, including “total failure,” “complete disaster,” and “unprecedented fiasco.” But during his speech on Tuesday, Good Ole’ Joe chose to label it an “extraordinary success.” You can keep trying to spin Afghanistan as much as you want Mr. President, but you’d be better off going back to your bedroom, putting on your PJs and slippers, fixing a bowl of cereal and watching The Flintstones. That is, after all, what you’re good at.

Honorable Mention #2: Bill DeBlasio considering run for New York Governor

For those of us who love to laugh at Democrats, Bill DeBlasio is the gift that keeps on giving; at least for those who don’t have to live under his governance. One of my favorite moments of the Democratic Party’s presidential primary season leading up to last year’s election was when DeBlasio decided to hold a “rally” with a  few dozen supporters in New York City, and got shouted down by a bunch of Trump supporters… in his own city which has about six Democrats for every Republican. DeBlasio was a laughingstock during his so-called presidential run and was even more ridiculous than Kamala Harris. Not only has DeBlasio been an awful mayor, he’s inarguably the worst mayor in the country; bar none. New Yorkers have been on a roll recently. In addition to DeBlasio, other elected officials around the state include Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), not to mention recently resigned former Governor Andrew Cuomo. But if DeBlasio were somehow able to manage to win the gubernatorial race in New York, we will have seen a level of knuckleheadedness never seen before in human history. I’m betting New Yorkers aren’t nearly that stupid, which makes DeBlasio’s spot on this week’s list appropriate.

Photo by Lee Haynes at Flickr.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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  1. People, relax, gavinator screwsome is not going anywhere. He has already seen to that. Yes, straight from the communist manifesto playbook, excorsized blatantly in the 2020 election, he has mailed out the necessary mail-in ballots, even though businesses are open(for now) and life goes on, it is not safe for you to vote in person. Let me tell you what will happen in this recall election: screwsome will be well on his way to defeat and lo and behold they will have to stop the counting for no good reason other than to inject enough fraudulent ballots necessary for him to eek out the win in the middle of the night while we are all sleeping and when we wake up the media will be peeing themselves like excited dogs whose master has returned from a long absence, telling us how CA has been saved from evil Trump supporters and haters of democracy. Sound familiar??? If you voice any disagreement or diapproval, you will be labeled a racist, a homophobe, a white supremecist, definitely a Trump supporter and of course a conspiricy theorist. Count on the propaganda media to quickly jump on discrediting anyone of note that brings the wrongdoing to light, for that is their function in this communist government. I hate to say it, but they are experts in what they do. Look at history, everywhere they have taken over, the results have been disasterous for the population caught in their wake. Can you doubt that God is displeased with us? One nation under God has systematically eliminated Him from our classrooms, has legalized and continues to viciously defend murdering innocent babies for profit, has legalized gay marriage, is trying to indoctrinate our children with their poison racism and homosexual behaviors and I am not sure why it hasnt happened yet, but I expect they will next go after removing Him from all currency. Unless America gets down on its hands and knees and begs for fogiveness like Nineveh did, you will witness the greatest nation in the history of the world disappear. I am leaving CA and going to TX to fight and possibly die next to my fellow patriots. May God have mercy on us all.

  2. Very good observations all, but as a history buff I’m having trouble with Florida as the 2nd oldest state, would that be after the declaration of independence, the ratification of the constitution, or are we talking pre revolutionary european landing sites in north America. I’m not sure.

  3. Give me your youth and I will have your country in twenty years-Lenin!
    In this case, we might have five years left.

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