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How Does International Business Relocation Look Like Post COVID-19?

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The pandemic of COVID-19 has undeniably changed the way we live. Every aspect of our private and professional life is affected, and it certainly changed the way the business is run, on a global scale. The market changed overnight. Some companies were unable to answer the demands of the new market, and unfortunately, they ceased to exist. Some were able to continue operating, albeit on a smaller scale. And some companies saw this crisis as an opportunity and developed solutions that are helpful in these tough times.

As an individual, you may have an encountered changes at your workplace too. Even if you are an entrepreneur or business owner, the circumstances brought uncertainty to your business and forced you to consider different options to stay afloat. On the other hand, this period opened some new opportunities and you are perhaps thinking of taking a big step and relocating abroad.

Are you planning to relocate?

One of the plans you might have for your company is opening a branch in another country or completely relocating. Of course, the voice of your new country depends on your business needs and trade opportunities. One of the countries where every global company has its branch in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

There are many UK companies doing business in the UAE. All big names such as British Petroleum, Shell, SERCO, and many more have their offices in Dubai or Abu Dhabi as well. And of course, some agencies specialized in opening the business in UAE. They will guide you through the process, take care of all the technical and legal details, and make sure you are ready to start your new business adventure in this high-tech country. You will also be able to benefit from consulting services regarding the growth and expansion of your business in the UAE, and you will have the opportunity to cooperate with different companies and learn from the best ones. 

Pandemics changed the way we travel. However, as the vaccination is rolling out, and tests are becoming more available and affordable, travelling is slowly getting back to normal. Of course, it is important to take all the necessary methods of precaution and be informed about the current travelling rules. Countries are changing their requirements with short notice, so make sure to have all the necessary documents, which can depend on your origin, destination, or even the transit country.

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What makes the UAE attractive?

You are probably wondering what makes the UAE so attractive and why is it considered to be a global hub?

The tiny country of the United Arab Emirates is commonly known for its bustling, metropolitan and international cities – Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It has a strategic location, and it is quite close to other Gulf Countries, Africa, Asia, and Europe as well. Dubai International Airport connects the UAE with over 230 cities, so you can get anywhere you want in a reasonable timeframe. Modern logistic facilities and diverse shipping options are at your disposal, making your move – but also the delivery of your goods – fast and safe. 

English is the lingua franca, so business is conducted pretty much all the time in the English language. UAE attracts talents from all around the world, so you can choose from a very diverse candidate pool. Professionals of all trades, with different skills (even the unique ones), can be easily found in UAE. The expatriate population is huge – and in fact, foreigners are a majority, so it is a truly globalized place. 

Infrastructure is well-developed, economic and political systems are stable, and your investments are secure in the UAE. The banking system is strong, and you can even choose between local and foreign banks when setting up your account. There is no taxation on personal income and capital gains, which means that employees get to keep more of their paycheck, but the company can also keep almost the entire profit. It further enables you to invest and diversify your portfolio. The UAE has several free zones, which allow 100% foreign ownership of the company, and some of them  have infrastructure and licences corresponding to the needs of a certain industry.

Getting back to normal

For over a year and a half, our homes became our offices too. In most of the world, only essential workers were the ones still being at their regular place of work. No matter what the advantages and disadvantages of work-from-home or hybrid settings were, all people agree that nothing can replace human contact. While it might be true that traditional offices are now obsolete, we can expect the traditional workplace to be repurposed and more flexible. Digitalization is an important part of doing business in the 21st century, however, not everything can be done online and remotely. 

The UAE took a serious approach to the protection of the health of its residents. They implemented strict regulations and are vigorously enforcing the rules. The vaccination rate is high and vaccines are available for everyone who wants them. Thanks to those efforts, normal life is slowly making its way back to UAE. It makes it even more attractive for the business, as this country proved the stability and ability to effectively manage the crisis. 

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