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Facebook admits to double standard of rule enforcement

On Monday, The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook tried to claim that its rules are applied fairly to all across its website. Apparently, it’s just another example of how the social media giant is misleading the public and trying to escape censorship accusations.

In the article, Facebook’s spokesperson Andy Stone tries to claim that there are rules that are applied evenly across the platform. He tried to claim that the enforcement is not equal but that the company is trying to avoid mistakes. That is, until details of XCheck were exposed.

XCheck was a program that exempted certain celebrities and politicians from Facebook’s rules. These accounts were whitelisted and allowed to publish anything that they wanted without being removed or punished. According to the WSJ article, the number of whitelisted accounts was over 5 million in 2020.

The WSJ article refers to these in the XCheck program as “elite tiers.” According to internal documents that were obtained by the WSJ, Facebook admitted that these accounts are allowed to post anything they wish, without any enforcement of policies or standards.

Facebook claims that those included in the program were people like Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, Elizabeth Warren, Mark Zuckerberg, and Candace Owens.

The article goes on to describe how journalists and others have been scrutinized heavily as part of the Facebook “rules application.” It describes that the automated system, for normal users, can simply remove or block someone without review.

Facebook has argued that it does not play favoritism to anyone and that it holds users accountable to rules equally. Except these new details tell an entirely different story. Facebook is admitting that it has a double standard on rules application for specific users.

More importantly, it continues to show that Facebook is most certainly censoring conservative voices. Facebook removed former President Donald Trump over his posts, even though he should have been exempt by their own program rules. Instead, Facebook bowed to radical left-wing pressure and banned Donald Trump from the platform.

Facebook has continuously blocked and removed conservative content from users, calling it misinformation. Facebook has flagged many of our articles here at The Liberty Loft where we share information regarding COVID data and vaccines. It certainly is not flagging information from Antifa and other radical outlets to stop their organized terrorist activities.

Just add these items to the long list of Facebook’s failures over the last few years. In addition to helping sway the 2020 election with their censorship of Trump and conservatives, Facebook recently made a racist decision to call Black men primates. They have protected Antifa and Black Lives Matter through their destruction of cities.

Facebook has faced no repercussions for its actions either. It’s as if the organization is exempt from being held accountable for censoring the American people on a social media website. Of course, I guess you are exempt when you are working hand in hand with the Democrats to destroy our nation.

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