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“Cry More, Lib”: How to Deal with Leftists

The Blue State ConservativeMany on the traditional right (not the traditionalistEvolan right, but rather the old-school, RINO right) are unable to deal with the left effectively. Like the Boomers that tell young people that putting their resume on heavy, cardstock paper will somehow help them find a job, they just can’t get with the times and accept that life has changed. Things aren’t so simple now, and they certainly aren’t as nice.

It used to be that both parties could go along to get along and America would be relatively well off either way. One gets the sense it didn’t much matter whether Nixon or JFK was president, things would have been somewhat similar either way, however dire and important the elections seemed at the time. Such is life during the calmer phases of history’s cycles.

But, now we’re in a Fourth Turning. These aren’t the calm days of the past where consensus ruled, these are the perilous times of changing tides and we must act like it.

Enter Benny telling AOC to “cry more, lib.” Say what you will about Benny, he’s a bit on the cheery, corporate conservative side that Turning Point represents, but at least he “gets it” and understand that the left must be defeated, not negotiated with or appeased.

You see, the Romneys, Lindsey Grahams, and John Boehners of the Republican Party think we’re still stuck in an America where the left is wrong about some things and right about others. We’re not. They’re evil.

Who wants to make abortion unlimited, available even as the baby is being born? Democrats.

Who wants to let Hamas and Iran wipe Israel off the face of the Earth? Leftists, as shown by AOC crying over our helping fund their defensive Iron Dome system.

Who is letting hordes of migrants rampage across our border to prey on us and ravage our homeland much as Alaric and his Goths ravaged Rome? Democrats.

Who wants to confiscate your guns but arms the Taliban? The Democrats.

Who wants to bring socialism to America? The Democrats.

On and on the list could go, but you get the point. The other side isn’t just wrong, it’s evil. It stands for the opposite of everything we hold to be right, true, and moral.

We believe in individual responsibility. They don’t.

We believe in economic freedom. They don’t.

We believe in the ideals of Western Civilization. They don’t.

We believe in the natural rights of life, liberty, and property. They don’t.

We believe that babies shouldn’t be murdered. They want to make it easier to murder babies.

We believe that America is great. They believe that it is fundamentally evil.

Every issue that is fought over today is a moral one.

Taxes, privatizing Social Security, the size of the military, all of those issues are on the back burner now, as much as McConnel and his corporatist conservative cronies might want to bring them up again and again. Sure, the RINOs might have a point on the solutions there, but those aren’t the issues that must be dealt with now. They can be handled later.

What matters are issues of conscience, issues that we can’t reconcile or deal with in any way other than fighting to the bitter end.

As Ayn Rand said“In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit.”

We cannot compromise with the evil that the left represents. We can’t let them murder babies, attack the natural rights that all Americans should have, and attack the idea that is America.

We can’t do what the RINOs would have us do and back down, only raising our heads to fight on issues of minor importance such as the corporate tax rate.

We can’t shut our mouths, letting the leftist loons run the country and determine the direction of the nation and our culture.

No, we must fight with everything we’ve got. Say things like “cry more, lib.” Tell them to go to hell. Don’t hire them. Don’t associate with them. Defeat them.

That’s what Trump would do. It’s how Augustus Caesar acted. It’s how Sulla acted. It’s how Odysseus treated the suitors. It’s what we must do.

As Jordan Peterson said, niceness isn’t a virtue. It’s a weakness that leads only to catastrophe, in the long run. You must be confrontational, be strong in your beliefs, be willing to “confront the dragon.”

So, don’t aim to go along to get along, remaining “principled” while the other side wins on every issue. Instead, fight to win. That’s the only way we can win the culture war.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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  1. Good article. So true! The problem is most conservatives say, “We don’t act like the bully left. We are above acting like that!” When the bully in the school yard acts like that, he rules the playground. But when someone has had enough, and beats the h#ll out of the bully the playground again returns to a place to enjoy and not a place of looking over your shoulder. We are way past due! The ONLY way to take care of a bully is meet them face to face and be confrontational. You hit the nail on the head. Most conservatives won’t do a thing until it effects them directly. Reading it in an article isn’t real to them. The left are takers not givers. If you don’t stop them they will take the government away from you and then say you gave it to them. Aggression can only be defeated by using more aggression against them. When will the complaining stop and action be taken against them? Someone needs to be a voice and lead the charge! But they will be accused of leading an insurrection by the feds and hailed most likely but at least it may light a fire under the pansies and pu##ies who just talk and complain. It will have to be a unified effort with not thousands but millions taking action as one person. That’s the only thing that will scare the h#ll out of them!

  2. When you permanently attach the “communist, satanic, democratic agenda” to the Democrats at EVERY opportunity you have, so that in every instance, that is known as a fact, which you can discuss the merits on any point of view from there, YOU WILL WIN EVERY TIME.

    But instead: the very best the ridiculous Republicans can do is call them “FECKLESS”!

    Ooooh, how horrible that must be for a Party who kills children and sees the other half of the entire population as disposable, at any cost, at best!

    It has to be check-mate every time you deal with a deceitful manipulative force that has no accountability and will not ever allow self responsibility or self control to be a factor in their reasoning, PERIOD!

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