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College Student Fights Off Sexual Assault Attacker, Boys Jump From Window To Help Her


A freshman female college student at Chapman University in California fought off an attacker while two college boys heard her screams and jumped from a window to help her at around 12:40 a.m. on Friday, Fox 11 Los Angeles reported.

The 18-year-old female student, who wishes to remain anonymous, was sitting outside her dorm room on FaceTime with her boyfriend when the alleged attacker sexually assaulted her while wearing a skeleton mask, Fox 11 LA reported. The victim has a black belt and 12 years of karate experience.

“He punches me in the face, I hit the trash can behind me,” the victim told Fox 11 LA. “Somehow, he got off me and I chased him up the stairs cursing him out.”

“At first, it reminded me of the Scream, sort of, because the eyes were blacked out,” she said of the mask the attacker wore. “I couldn’t see any eyes. I specifically remember the skeleton part on top and mouth being blacked out as if he was wearing the full thing and had a mask on too.”

Two college freshman boys heard screaming and jumped out of their window to help.

“I push the screen out the window and we both jump out the window and run over towards where the noise is coming from and there’s this girl there and she’s just freaking out,” one of the boys, Joe Hoodenpyle told Fox 11 LA.

“We heard screaming outside,” the other boy, Michael Zapesotsky said. “You knew something was wrong.”

Chapman University has increased security for the coming days.

“There will be at least two to three extra public safety people all weekend, concentrated specifically on this area … because we want high visibility,” said Randy Burba, the school’s chief of public safety told KTLA.

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  1. Too bad she didn’t have a .45 or at least a 9 mm. He wouldn’t be able to do it again, which he will. Maybe next time.

  2. She was on a Kalifornia Kampus. So, while the perp fully earned a .45 caliber hole in his chest, she is not allowed to have the means to defend herself. The ruling class on her kampus has decreed that she must be a victim.

  3. Another one of those Trump supporting thugs committing an attempted rape again… No wonder Trump supporters are on the domestic terror threat list when they do things like this. How do I know he is a Trump supporter? Because if he were a BLM member he would be a hero… Ohh wait a second he would only be a hero if he would have raped the girl and then got shot fighting the police… I am confused

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