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Why My Child Will Never Attend Public School

Public schools have become a hot topic in recent weeks. What was once a place where children went to learn and start preparing for life has become a battleground for politics and indoctrination.

School board meetings are descending into chaos around the country. Parents are becoming upset as they continue to learn more about how the radical left has infiltrated America’s schools with ideas, like critical race theory. As they should.

America’s schools are no place for this type of radical ideology where a child inherently assumes that everyone is working in their best interest. Children natively trust those who their parents place them in the care of. They have no reason to doubt them.

But for far too long, parents have blindly placed their trust in the hands of local leaders and school boards. For many years, they believed that the partisan battles were in the swamps of Washington, rather than in the trenches of everyday America.

If anything, we have clearly learned that is no longer the case.

School boards are forcing teachers to comply with the LGBTQ agenda. These children are more interested in time on the playground, not whether they should refer to John as Sally because John’s parents are crazy liberals.

Others are forcing kids to wear masks, in complete defiance of their state leadership. State leaders have supported a parent’s right to choose what is best for their kids, but once again, local school boards and local leaders have decided that they know what is best and are going to override the will of the parents.

Tucker Carlson is correct that this is creating tribalism in our children. They are being taught not to talk to those who refuse to submit to government mandates and ideas. They are told to not speak with those who are different and are brainwashed with ideas of white supremacy, oppression, and privilege.

Our public schools and school boards are actively promoting division across America with their radical policies. This has got to stop.

I certainly realize that there are many excellent teachers across the country that do not believe in this ideology. They do not agree with CRT, the social justice indoctrination, and many of the other radical left viewpoints. But they continue to be forced into the radical left’s indoctrination sessions that are labeled professional development or equity training.

Do we expect that all of these teachers will simply walk away as one teacher did in Loudon, Virginia? Absolutely not. They have families to support and are walking a delicate balancing act of their love of teaching and appeasing their employer.

So what is the solution?

Well, there are two obvious solutions here. One is the recent actions of some parents and citizens in Connecticut who recently became fed up and ran for the school board to take it over. They were so frustrated with the indoctrination and radical left policies they decided to evict them from leadership.

This option will help many Americans who are unable to choose the second option. It will help turn local leadership away from their radical policies and back toward policies promoting American freedom and ideals once again.

The second option is that parents remove public schools from the equation entirely. There are multiple options for families to abandon the liberal indoctrination camps. There are options for private schools, home schools, and religious schools. It’s truly eye-opening when you take a closer look at it.

What was once seen as something only available to the elite of society, is now easily available for a large majority of Americans. When we first started looking at the options, we expected a major cost associated with it. There are certainly high-priced options available, but there are those which are affordable and make sense also. The key is that parents must educate themselves on what is taking place and the options available.

I am not going to say it is easy, as we learned when we sacrificed a salary in order to be able to provide this alternative for our child. But when you weigh the options, can we simply afford to sacrifice our children to this indoctrination out of convenience?

Can we afford to let the radical left continue their assault on American freedom by brainwashing our kids into acceptance of their agenda and ideas? For me and my family, the answer was a clear no.

The choice may be different for every American depending on location. Perhaps you live in an area where the school board is not attempting to indoctrinate and control your life. If that’s the case, you may be perfectly fine with public schools in your area. But you cannot let your guard down.

These radicals are out to infiltrate even the reddest of school districts in favor of indoctrinating your child. For me and my family, I will never sacrifice my child to the radical left’s indoctrination through public school. We made the decision to leave public schools behind forever.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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  1. I taught chemistry / marine biology for 32 yrs in NY state public high schools and two Universities. A few observations:
    New York State Teachers Union (NYSUT) is controlled now by Frankfurt Schooler Marxists .2) Union dues and Vote Cope funds are funneled to fellow Frankfurt Schooler politicians running nation wide at the direction of the DNC. 3) Almost every University in the country now is staffed with Frankfurt Schoolers. Every day , every week , every semester these professors are pounding our kids with Frankfurt School products. The Republican Party must convene a conference on this. The entire strategy of the Critical Theorists , in all of its applications has to be made to be common knowledge in our country. Absent this effort , the nation will be lost to Marxism.

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