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DeSantis Slams Biden: “What else has Joe Biden forgotten?”

In the latest of the back and forth comments between the Florida governor and the White House, Gov. Ron DeSantis did not hold back on Joe Biden and Biden’s memory issues.

Biden attempted to make a snarky remark when asked about Ron DeSantis and he said “Governor who?” Reporters asked DeSantis about Biden’s comment to which he laughed.

He then responded that it is not surprising that Biden has forgotten about him, but what else has Biden forgot about. He went on to start naming things that Biden has forgotten.

He mentioned the southern border crisis, which continues to be ignored by Democrats and mainstream media. Multiple stories in the past week have come out about the continued border crossing of illegal immigrants into the country.

He said that Biden has forgotten about inflation that is taking money out of the budgets of Americans each week. Americans continue to pay more for consumer goods, thanks to Joe Biden’s inflation and economy.

He continued that Biden has forgotten about those fighting for freedom in Cuba, as Biden has quickly moved on from the topic. We continue to see Cuba blame America for their issues when the real issue is the lack of freedom for the nation.

In perhaps the strongest statement yet, he then said that Biden has forgotten about the Constitution. He blasted him for his extension of the eviction moratorium.

DeSantis continued that he is the governor who is protecting parents and their right to choose what is best for their kids. This comes after the White House said if he was not going to protect the people of his state to get out of the way.

Even as the White House and mainstream media attack him, he continues to stand for the parent’s right to choose. He continues to stand for freedom.

He continued that he is protecting Florida’s jobs and businesses by not allowing the federal government to lock the state down again. He said that he answers to the people of Florida, not bureaucrats in Washington.

DeSantis is not going to back down from Joe Biden and the Democrats. He has proved that he is a strong conservative leader and will protect the people of Florida, no matter what type of snarky comments that the radical left wants to throw at him.

Perhaps Joe Biden should read up on Ron DeSantis because the governor is not holding back and is standing his ground. Perhaps Joe Biden should see the threat that DeSantis is. Not that he is a threat to our country, like Biden, but rather a threat to the Marxist agenda of the radical left.

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