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Biden’s Scapegoat, The Unvaccinated – Ben Garrison Cartoon

They are also buying up over-priced houses. The waning middle class can no longer afford to buy them. They don’t have access to a money press. Most people will become renters. Remember Klaus Schwab’s pronouncement that “you will own nothing and be happy”? This is how they’re doing it–only it won’t bring happiness to anyone except for the tiny ruling class atop the power pyramid.

Meanwhile, the professional liars in the mainstream media are calling for the persecution of those who resist the barbarity known as COVID vaccinations. They want the vax reluctant to lose their jobs and their ability to go into grocery stores.

Those of us who refuse to take the dangerous gene therapy stabs are now being demonized as a disease infecting America. Biden actually called us the new ‘pandemic.’ China Joe already declared a war on COVID. Now the whispering sniffer wants a war against those who resist the perilous prick.

Oddly, Biden’s so-called ‘vaccinations’ just don’t seem to work unless everyone gets them, but real science has already proved that they are neither safe nor effective. Tens of thousands have dropped dead after getting the pokes. Hundreds of thousands are suffering serious side effects. Who knows that might happen in a year or two to the health of millions who were brainwashed and bribed into taking the shots.

Some risked their lives for a free donut.

The communist propaganda media won’t mention any deleterious effects. They consider that ‘misinformation.’ They get to decide what science is and is not without bothering to use any empirical methods of science. Many who received the shots are now told they can still contract and transmit the virus. They were told they wouldn’t have to wear a mask afterward. Now they’re being told to put the slave masks back on. They were lied to. The masks are not based in science and they cannot stop any virus, but they do negatively affect the health of the wearers. A tiny sliver of control freaks are able make sure that little children have to wear them for 8 hours at school.

That’s child abuse!

The masks are symbols of fear and the totalitarians need to keep that going in order to bring about their vaccine passport, which will then lead to everyone getting chained to a high-tech prison grid. The bars are already becoming visible. The tyrants at the top manufactured the pandemic to control the masses. To achieve this, they’re using the cold and flu bugs against us.

Many of those who resist Big Pharma’s rushed-out concoctions are conservative Christians. The Communist Democrats hate Christianity with a passion. They’ve long removed God from their party. Now they are targeting Christian conservatives for removal. After all, they are more likely to be vaccine resisters as well as Trump supporters.

Dementia Joe, Big Pharma, and the Great Resetters have declared war on what they pejoratively label ‘anti vaxxers.’ The state has always used fear, then force on their subjects in order to accomplish their goals. The hypnotized Sheeple have been trained to automatically cave in and too many of them actually prefer tyranny over freedom. Mark Dice proved this in one of his recent videos. A parade of people on lefty auto-pilot were more than willing to sign his fake petition that called for forced vaccination and punishment against resisters.

Look for Biden to eventually use brute force in order to carry out the orders of his masters. He’s already threatened firearm owners with F-15s. Eric Swalwell, the traitorous twerp who slept with a Chinese communist spy, bragged about having nukes that could be dropped on US citizens. Forget about North Korea being able to nuke us—it looks like we have politicians right here in America who would be happy to carry it out.

We The People no longer control government and we haven’t for a long time, but now we no longer possess even the illusion of control. Especially after the presidential election was blatantly stolen. The current criminals in government will gladly consider the extermination of those of us who resist them. If we allow Biden’s goons to force genocidal liquid into our bodies, we’re finished. If they initiate force to make it happen, we must use force right back at them.

It’s what the Second Amendment is for.

—Ben Garrison

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