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Biden Is Fulfilling Obama’s Fundamental Transformation Of America

Anyone who thinks that the vast destruction done to America in just eight months of the Biden administration is just happenstance needs to think one more time. Always a good political soldier, although largely unable to think clearly and act sensibly on his own, Biden is fulfilling Obama’s intent to Fundamentally Transform America. Joey needs the approval of his hero, Obama, and taking up the reins to America’s destruction is a good way to get that approval, even though Obama has openly stated that Biden can goof up even the best paid plans.

One doesn’t even need to mention the destruction done by Joey on the domestic level, with the opening of our southern border to the rabble of the world. Our Joey has also weakened America internationally by making our military and our diplomats look like fools to the world, and now our mentally challenged president has made an international catastrophe of the Afghanistan withdrawal by leaving tens of thousands of Americans Afghans and even Europeans serving there, stranded with little of no hope of getting out before the Taliban reek havoc on all foreigners.

So while over a million people have invaded our southern border, now we have tens of thousands of Afghanis who need to reside here, with the Democrats patting themselves on their backs for the great job Joey has done establishing millions of new Democrat voters throughout our nation.

So while the press criticizes the Biden idiocy in removing American troops from Afghanistan before they safely removed American civilians and our allies, they still adore the way Joey has undermined the American political landscape with foreigners and people who will inevitably have to depend on government to get the goodies they will so desperately need to survive as new citizens of America, and who will vote Democrat in order to keep those goodies flowing.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Think about it! Ob said he wanted a third term but …. He hated Joe as a VP……If he is the puppet master he can convince Joe easily and any fall out will be on Joe, not him and, he gets his adjenda completed to destroy us! Obam-ass the puppet master?????

  2. Hillary would’ve done what ol’ joe is doing. This is just a resumption of where obummer left off in 2017. They didn’t skip a beat, just waited patiently and they were successful, they manipulated an election to go their way, it was all in the plan. Sad to think there were so many villains willing to help take down their own country. Here’s hoping they will be the ones who get the worst end of the deal.

  3. I agree with everything that was said! There was only one thing I disagree on and that is “even Hillary wouldn’t do that”. She has blood on her hands with the way she betrayed helpless Americans in Ben Ghazi, not to mention all the known facts about her. She has ice water through her veins.
    No doubt Joe is saying and doing what he is told to do. Only difference is that he is truly sick with dementia. He has been for quite awhile. Who could do such a terrible thing to a loved one who is obviously sick???? Our country is being held hostage by some very powerful evil people!

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