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To Democrats, Some Hispanics Are Worthy Of Freedom, But Cuban Hispanics Can Suffer In Commie Jails

Barack Obama ignored the demonstrations and protests of Iranians during the Green Revolution and allowed thousands of their citizens to be imprisoned, tortured and killed by the Mullahs. Now one fears that Joey Biden will also turn a blind eye to the pleas for liberty coming from the long-suffering people of Cuba.

Democrats swoon, wet their pants and get the vapors when Hispanics assemble to cross our southern border and enter America illegally, because these unfortunate people will eventually be used as pawns to elect leftist candidates of the Democrat party. But when the Hispanics are Cubans who simply want liberty in their own nation and cannot help Democrats win elections in the United States, Democrats turn their backs on them and let the protesters be taken to a Communist jail for a little mind-correcting torture.

What hypocrites the Democrats are with their dual sense of compassion for some suffering people and a cold shoulder for others. All Democrats care about is themselves and their power, and to hell with a constitution that assures rights to all American citizens, because that’s all passe and outdated at this point in the Biden/covid administration.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. Democrats do not want Cuban refugees in America. They know that these refugees will never vote for socialism here. They have already experienced the failures of socialism and communism first hand. Democrats fear these Cuban refugees will become conservatives.

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