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Making impossible trick shots: a closer look at Davide Panzeri AKA Trickshotdav

Born in Milan, the entertainer known as Trickshotdav (Davide Panzeri) has caught the attention of headlines and fans around the world. Watched by millions on social media and television, the popular entertainer grabbed the attention of major brands like Fortnite and Red Bull. 

Having worked with Big Brother Canada as well, Panzeri shares his experience: “Red Bull was asking for the best half-court shot to be shown. Most people were sending shots with one ball. So, I introduced double ball tricks. They loved this. They told me about this court that they built in Rome for the community and that they wished me to open it with trick shots.” 

Not missing a beat, popular social media platform Tik Tok took notice and hired Panzeri for a special live event on the app. Apart from his social media success, Trickshotdav has appeared on national television in several countries quite a number of times.

See TrickShotDav in action:

Unbreakable Spirit 

As a youngster Panzeri faced the harsh realities of bullying and difficult home circumstances which facilitated his move to Canada. Eventually Davide would gain his master’s degree in international relations. Seizing the opportunity to co-found Acadium would see an end to Panzeri’s stint at the United Nations. 

“This was a stressful period for me, with many demands on my time, and I was diagnosed with anxiety. Unfortunately, trying to find the right medications proved quite difficult,” Davide said. Having been prescribed anxiety medication since his early 20’s, he noticed something was not quite right. The medication no longer worked as it used to. Seeking medical advice, doctors rotated medications, but Davide would develop a condition called akathisia. 

“I developed a condition called akathisia, many people that develop this kill themselves, as you can’t stay still and have anxiety 24/7.” Davide was slowly weaned off the antidepressants. A basketball court would provide the escapism Panzeri needed and soon led to the entertainer attempting a variety of tricks and his subsequent success. 

Davide attempted to get the ball in the basket in a variety of ways including: facing backwards, from the three point line, and blindfolded, “Going to the court and doing trickshots allowed me to focus this drug-induced anxiety into something, as I could not stay still.” According to Trickshotdav’s fans the entertainer has developed a keen eye that allows him to calibrate shots, which has earned him the nickname “Aim Bot”.

Practice Makes Perfect

Spending hours to perfect each shot and meticulously documenting the process for his loyal social media following, Panzeri benefited mentally and physically from his new venture. 

“I can now complete those early shots that took me 200 tries before in 80% less time now. People think it’s only luck, but really I am doing things now that were impossible before and this is because through practice I improved my accuracy, skill-set and mindset. You need luck for the ball to go in, but you need to have those things to get close.” In a recent interview with the media Davide points out that trick shots are at times scoffed at by some people. “They say anyone can achieve a goal after enough tries. What they don’t realize is that the results are extremely beneficial,” the entertainer noted. Noting that a measure of luck is involved, Davide shared that performing trickshots have helped him improve his coordination, athleticism and, most importantly his mindset. 

Unlinke Slinky Josh with his hypnotic slinky, Trickshotdav captures his audience’s attention using a variety of everyday items. From ping pong balls navigating a precarious obstacle course to plummet into a water dispenser bottle, to sinking basketballs from a bicycle, Panzeri’s creative mind can be seen at work. 

Power of Positivity

“I believe in never giving up. I had a beautiful life, money, fast cars, beautiful women, a great company, amazing friends. Then I lost it all. I was over-prescribed medications for an anxiety condition, which wasn’t even that bad and I had an adverse reaction which almost killed me,” Panzeri summed up the events that lead to the eventual creation of Trickshotdav. By applying his positive mindset Davide managed to turn a devastating situation into a shining success story. 

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