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I’m Sick And Tired Of The Radical Left Trying To Force Their Drugs On Me

In my high school days the push from the older students was to sneak a can of beer in order to be a popular bad-boy and gain status.

In the 1960s it was LSD that the nutty crowd was pushing on people who preferred real life to a drug induced fog, and who didn’t need to take a “trip” in order to get thru the day.

In the 1970s and 80s marijuana became the drug de jour for the smart set, and if you didn’t partake along with them you were forever an outsider. All social pressure was on everyone to join the cool, fashionable set and light-up.

One also fondly recalls Mick Jagger’s song about “mother’s little helper” to help get you thru your day. Opioids also provide the 21st Century relief from daily drudgery, and often kill their users.

For many years now the pharmaceutical industry has been spending billions of dollars on advertising to insist that we all buy their drugs for whatever ails us, many of which ailments could easily be avoided by eating healthfully and exercising regularly. I’ll admit that big pharma performs miracles and saves many lives with their research and their products, but maybe they should spend a little money telling people how they could avoid having to use their drugs in the first place, with a little discipline on the consumer’s part.

Since those remote and ancient times of my youth, more powerful, serious and deadly drugs have been developed and are strongly urged on the populace by the woke among us. And today, Joey Biden and his radical thugs are trying to force the covid vaccine on those of us who are not prone to experiment with drugs. He doesn’t promise pleasure and bliss with this new drug, but it’s still risky and there are many of us who don’t wish to exchange our current good health for the iffy promise of avoidance of contagion in the future.

A large part of the public’s reluctance to take the covid vaccine is due to its still being an experimental, non-approved drug, and my decision to be vaccinated or not is my own business and not Joey’s. How quickly the radical left has forgotten their own slogan of “my body, my choice”. Over the last ten or so years there have been annual virus vaccines developed and I’ve not taken any of them, even though tens of thousands of people have died during the annual cold and flu seasons. My current healthy status tells me that my decision to avoid the vaccines was the right one, because how can one ever be certain that the vaccine didn’t perhaps contribute to the death of at least some of the people who took the annual flu shot in order to avoid death?

But one thing we can be certain of, is that covid deaths are overblown, as was found when two California counties investigated the reports of deaths attributable to covid and found that twenty-two percent of the deaths were not related to covid at all. Along these same lines, reports of new “cases” of the Delta variant are still lying to us about the seriousness of the disease, since many of those people representing the “case” merely test positive but are healthy and have no symptoms. But the “case” representing a positive test is all we are allowed to know about, not the actual health of the person tested, and now even the official PCR test used to detect the disease has been recalled by the CDC because it’s completely unreliable. So take that, Joey.

Democrats like to make people fearful of the future and amenable to obeying orders from big, intrusive government so they can feel safe and avoid illness. That’s why the leftist press breathlessly reports the new “cases” of covid, but fails to tell us that a large number of those who have been tested for the disease feel fine and healthy, and never get sick. Whether their health is due to the vaccine, their personal and natural immunity or herd immunity, American citizens deserve to know this very important fact and not be told repeatedly that everyone must be vaccinated.

As regards the risk that is run when un-vaccinated American citizens are allowed to function freely in American society, only those who are themselves not vaccinated are at risk of contagion, which they freely accept, and vaccinated people are at no risk at all. So even those who are possibly harmed by the disease understand the risk and are willing to live with it in exchange for being free to live a full life again without a damned mask.

There are government provided information sites that confirm a citizen’s right to get a covid test, but apparently citizens have no right to deny the vaccine, according to Prez Joey.

But typical of the radical, intolerant left, Joey wants to force compliance with his rules, in contradiction to the constitution, all of American tradition and even the science that is placing covid in a less deadly light than Democrat will admit, which the government is trying to suppress.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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