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Feds Arrest Five Family Members Who Walked Into Capitol Building During Jan. 6 Riot

FBI agents on Monday arrested five members of the Munn family of Borger, Texas, for entering the Capitol Building during the riot on Jan. 6.

Those arrested included parents Thomas and Dawn Munn, and their children Kayli Munn, Kristi Munn and Joshua Munn, according to the criminal complaint filed in the D.C. District Court. All five members were charged with disorderly conduct in a Capitol building, among other charges; a sixth member of the family, a minor child, was not charged, Fox 8 reported.

FBI Special Agent David Lee Bolyard began the investigation into the family after a tipster claimed Kristi Munn, one of the daughters, entered the capitol building, according to the criminal complaint. The tipster provided screenshots of Munn’s social media accounts, one of which showed the Munn family captioned with “Washington D.C. here we come… #StopTheSteal #TrumpIsMyPresident,” according to the complaint.

Further investigation found additional social media posts showing the family traveling to Washington, D.C., with one post from Thomas Munn describing his experience inside the Capitol, according to the complaint.

Bolyard identified each member of the family inside the Capitol using security footage, referring to the family’s social media posts to match articles of clothing, according to the complaint.

Bolyard interviewed Kristi Munn on Jan. 26, who told the agent she attended former President Donald Trump’s speech but denied entering the Capitol or participating in any violence or vandalism, he said in the complaint.

Several others who entered the Capitol have been identified due to social media posts, most notably a Chicago police officer arrested in June, and a Marine Corps officer identified through social media footage was apprehended in May.

A man involved in the Capitol riot was arrested in May after sharing details of his experience while in a dentist’s office.

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  1. All this BS, while Marxist Communist DemocRATS’ GOONS, ANTIFA and BLM go, not only unpunished, but not even investigated. This taking place in the DEEP STATE FBI under the scumbag Wray. The same guy that had the criminal, Hunter Biden’s lap top for over a year and kept it hidden. Senile OLD Quid Pro Quo Joe’s Deep State takeover of our ONCE Constitutional Republic. This is taking place faster than wildfires in the USSR State of California.

  2. The reichstag fire was a false flag, used by hitler to blame communists and jews, it gave him an excuse to attack his enemies and suspend civil liberties. The similarities are eerie. $oro$ is a great admirer of nazi tactics, and admired their effectiveness and efficiency. Hitler seized power by getting rid of the police and installing his own gestapo. He then started a race war against the jews. Sound familar?

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