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Cubans are Flying Flags that American People are Burning



Just when you thought things couldn’t get more upside down and backward, the Cuban people are demanding freedom at the same time that our beloved country, the beacon of liberty to oppressed people around the world, is going communist.

Cubans are flying American flags while our own people burn them and call it a “symbol of division.”

In numerous examples of outright propaganda, the media and the current government claim that the Cuban protests are about the coronavirus.

Aren’t these the same people who attribute everything to either racism or the coronavirus?  Is it any wonder that they have no credibility left?

After 60 years, Cubans are protesting their Communist government, and it could get them killed. The growing communist government in this country has been slow and has struggled to support them.

What a painfully illustration of what we are facing here in America.
Here are just a few more examples:

The New York Times called the quest for freedom “anti-government.”

Fascist Fauci calls the freedom to make one’s own personal medical decisions “making a political statement.” (In some cases it may be, but is that now censored too?)

Uber rich celebrities travel to Cuba to take selfies with dirt poor Cubans as backdrops, while they refer to the country as the “coolest vibe alive” and a “Disneyland for creatives minds.

Joe Biden, the weak and confused mouthpiece for Leftist strategists provided a weak and confused explanation for why we pulled out of Afghanistan so abruptly.  He says it’s because he “respects the freedom of the Afghani people to defend their own country.”

Meanwhile, he happily declared that his administration will send out “strike forces” to the homes of American citizens to intimidate them into taking the vaccine.

As for Afghanistan, it will be turned once again into a training ground for terrorists to attack America and Israel. Who’s side are these people on?

The truth is staring us in the face. If you’re not on the side of Liberty for all, you aren’t on the side of America. For those in need of a refresher course on the meaning of Liberty, it involves free will, self-determination and personal responsibility.

Is this the Twilight Zone? No, It’s 2021 America.

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Karen Kataline

Karen Kataline is a commentator, columnist & talk show host. She holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University and is a frequent guest host on AM Talk Radio. She has an active blog and her Op Eds can be seen online at Fox News, Investor’s Business Daily, Western Journal, Town Hall, The Daily Caller, FrontPage Mag, and The American Thinker.

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  1. Any so-called American who burns the American flag should be sent to visit Cuba for an indefinite period of time. Or until they come to their senses. They would be required to travel there on a milk-carton boat which will be pointed in the direction of Cuba and then get a hefty shove-off. If they reach Cuba in one piece they will have to face oppressed Cubans who know what these foolish so-called Americans don’t, the US flag stands for freedom of speech, religion, press, PEACEFUL assembly, and the right to petition the government.

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