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Biden’s Charade is Crashing Down

We have all seen this moment coming for months, yet the mainstream media and the radical left continue to deny it. The truth of the matter is, the Joe Biden charade is over. That is, the charade of him actually being fit for office.

Not that he had anyone on the conservative side fooled. For months ahead of the election, we questioned his mental state and his health. We were told that he was fine. We were told there was nothing to worry about because after all, he is just a moderate. We were told his mental state was fine and he was a much better choice than that mean tweeter we had in the White House.

I certainly did not waste my time watching his CNN town hall, but I did catch the highlights. This is the only part of that debacle that you need to see right here.

Or perhaps you are just waking up to see that “my butts been wiped is trending on Twitter. Yes, it seems those very words came out of the mouth of a man who is “perfectly fine” to be President of the United States.

He cannot answer questions without notes from his handlers on what to say. He has to have a picture list to know which reporters to call on. This man is not alright and is not in any shape to be President.

The radical left wants to continue to try and justify the argument using Donald Trump. For example, if you look through the radical responses to #mybuttsbeenwiped, you will see meme after meme of Trump as a baby. Obviously a nod to the mocking that the radical left did worldwide against Trump, but there’s a very clear difference here.

One side is using made-up stories and memes to make fun of a former President who passed a cognitive exam. The other side is using actual videos of a man who is unfit to be President. How long will the radical left continue to deny that there is something wrong with this man?

I happen to agree with Rep. Ronny Jackson that Biden is going to have to either resign or be forced out of office. The problem with that is when does it happen? It certainly will not be the radical Democrats asking him to leave. After all, he will sign anything that they ask him to.

The only way that this resignation happens is if the story gains enough traction in American culture. That means it’s covered by larger media outlets and perhaps even some of the radical left-wing ones. That’s where the challenge lies.

Some of the larger outlets have shared the Biden CNN town hall issue, but they do not cover all his blunders. After covering anytime Trump turned his foot a specific way, they continue to ignore the obvious issues with Biden. I’m convinced he could not pass a cognitive exam. He’s more focused on ice cream and jello flavors at this point.

It’s time to end this charade that Biden is fit for office and able to be President. It’s obvious that the man has issues and it is time for the radical left to stop using him as a pawn. But the way the radical left is treating the presidency tells us one thing about them.

They believe that the presidency is a joke. They believe that it’s simply a person that is in place to help them get their way, and they do not see the importance of having a leader. Instead, Pelosi and her hoodlums believe they are the ultimate power and that whoever sits in that office should simply do their bidding.

Thanks to the radical left, our freedoms are eroding and other nations across the world are laughing at us. They see what is wrong with Joe Biden and they understand what is at stake. But they dare not say anything because they see the fall of America happening right before their eyes. When the opportunity is right, they will pounce. It’s just a matter of time.

The charade is crashing down all around Biden and the radical left. When will they finally acknowledge it?

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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