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Arrogant, Power-Drunk Democrats Insult Everyone

Democrats are so superior and so tone-deaf to real world events, that they end up stepping on their own tongues quite regularly. Here are few examples of their most recent stumbles:

Dems Think Black People Are Stupid:
Remember when the Democrats insulted black Americans by saying that blacks are unable to get personal identification to allow them to vote in elections? Now the fool Democrats are trying to take that charge back, with politicians like James Clyburn and Stacey Abrams (she being the recent loud and angry opponent of Georgia’s legislation requiring all Georgia citizens to produce identification in order to vote, because the legislation was racist, don’t you know, since she thought blacks couldn’t acquire ID ) suddenly being in favor of identification for the purpose of voting, because polling has determined that the public, white, black and otherwise, thought ID was the best way to prevent vote fraud.

All Rural People Are Too Stupid To Prove Residency:
Now comes that cackling idiot, Kamala Harris, predicting that rural Americans will be unable to prove residency because they have no Office Max stores near them where they can make copies of their identification papers. Harris is so out-of-touch with real Americans that she doesn’t even know that being a resident of a rural area doesn’t mean that they don’t have computers, scanners and their own personal copy machines. And she doesn’t seem to know that ID documents do not need to be copied in order to vote; the documents are just shown when the citizens cast their ballots.

Defund The Police Movement:
It has been only a few weeks ago that the Democrat party was united in their message that all police officers were murderers and racists, and the Dems were pushing, en masse, to eliminate police forces everywhere and replace them with community college social studies graduates who would peacefully clean up crime in the worst neighborhoods using their unique mode of persuasion, without the use of a pistol. But today, Democrats are screaming at the top of their unified voices that it was Republicans who wanted to get rid of the police, not the ANTIFA/BLM-loving Democrats. Once again the stupidity of Democrats is on display as they consider how to get defamed police officers to return to work and save their communities from total and complete destruction, caused by Democrat-induced, skyrocketing crime rates.

Be Buddies With Communist Regimes:
Obama liked to have tea and watch baseball games with Cuba’s murdering Castro family, and Biden’s family has become famously wealthy being best buds with the Chinese slavers and murderers, along with the wife of the mayor of Moscow. Then last weekend we learned that the residents of Cuba were not as happy with things in Commie-land as Barack Obama thought they should be, as Cuban citizens began demonstrating in the streets of Havana. I guess the Cuban healthcare industry is not as lovely as the Hollywood set, led by Michel Moore, said it was, and life in general in Cuba is not as pleasant as leftists have constantly told us it is, because the citizens’ shouts of Libertad has been loud and clear for days now. Cuban people have no freedom, no food, no healthcare and miserable places to live.

Where do fools like Biden’s Democrats come from, and why does America have to end up with them making policy for the United States?

Of course Joey Biden is so consumed with the glamour and political benefit of covid, via which he can control private businesses, personal masking and Americans’ constitutional liberties, by making laws based on the imagined extreme and deadly danger of this very weak disease, that he addressed the Cuban uprising in terms of covid being the trigger that upset citizens of Cuba, not on anything the Cuban Communist government has done for over sixty years to impoverish and imprison these poor people.

Democrats have been wrong about everything they’ve done since Biden took the White House, and now the American public is finding out just how bad leftist, Democrat rule is to live under and the unfortunate people of Cuba are alerting us to the danger of a leftist, control-freak government, like that of Joey Biden.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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