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A Guide on Where to Start Building a Customer Service Team for Your New Startup

Starting a customer service team to keep your customers informed and happy is not as daunting a task as one might think. Here are some basic tips on how to start building a customer service team to suit your particular startup.

No Need To Build On a Wing

In the past, adding a customer service department to a business required adding an entire department to your current business. Because a lot of people aspire to have a 24-hour customer service hotline or some kind of related channel-based place for customers to touch base, to facilitate ordering in any time zone, and for many other good reasons. 24-hour online chat boxes are another popular way to give your customer base the best possible way to order and have questions answered.

Adding on personnel to staff a ‘round the clock service line would be an incredibly expensive endeavor for most businesses, and without outsourcing, it would be a service that only large companies could feasibly afford to offer.

How To Afford ‘Round the Clock Service for a Startup

When you are setting up a startup customer service, whether a phone line based service or a chatbox, text-based service line, the best place to start looking is a company that provides outsourced service. If you still feel like you would like to handle customer service in-house, here are some basic tips on how to get started.

Start Building Your Customer Service Team From Scratch

  • Define the Specifics of What Kind of Service Your Startup Will Provide: by defining the exact mantra that your company wants to stick by when it comes to servicing your customers, setting that mantra in stone, and letting both staff and customers know what you want to provide, you have defined the kind of service you will provide with your new customer service team. Meeting and even exceeding your customer base’s expectations is a healthy place to put your goals.
  • Decide Which Channels You Will Outfit With Customer Support: deciding where customer service can best be utilized — through telephone, live chat, email support, forums, or social media platforms — is the next decision to be made. You may choose multiple channels, depending on your type of business.
  • Hire An Experienced Team for Customer Support: hiring the right people for the job depends a lot upon the type of business you have. Begin with choosing people who are empathetic, resourceful, and emotionally intelligent — or able to work with the public with skillful mastery of communication with many sorts of personalities. A skill set that supports your product or service must also be taken into account.
  • Measure and Record Data that is Useful to Your Team: most customer service-related activities are not very easy to measure. Determine what kind of metrics can be garnered from your customer service process to best serve your business, and provide the kind of feedback you need to learn from your processes and grow. This process isn’t easy but is an essential part of having a customer service department.
  • Choose the Right Software to Manage Your Customer Service: now that you’ve chosen the right staff to manage your customers, it is very important to give them the tools they need to serve both the customer base and the company well. The size of your company, the platforms it is needed to function on, and lots of other technical issues will dictate which software you need to choose to allow your customer service to flourish.

Customer Service is Important

The importance of customer service can’t be minimized, so whether you decide to go with dedicated outsourcing or creating an entire department from scratch, the need for dealing with your customers in the best way possible is a crucial part of growing a business. Your budget and your specific needs will likely dictate the path you take, to a degree, but staying conscientious about the importance of this part of the business is a necessity.

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