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The Truth About Male Transgender Competitors Cheating Biological Women, In Women’s Sports

Let’s be honest about the biological men who compete against women in women’s own sporting events: these biological men are losers in every sense of the word. They could not compete successfully against other biological men and win events fairly, so they decided to pick on the weaker women and take their medals and scholarships from them as these loser men unfairly win competitions.

Men who pick on and try to dominate people who are weaker or smaller than themselves are pathetic, and their victories over those weaker people are of no substance nor value. But when men pick on women and steal their trophies and the fruits of their efforts, they are scum.

In the world of boxing there are several classes of size and weight that group the competitors according to equal abilities, so the smallest man doesn’t have to try to compete with the largest, heaviest and most-muscled man in the competition. If the trans thing continues, trans men who think they are women will have to be classified in a group among themselves and leave the women to compete only among real, biological, women.

But classes of competition divided into men, women and trans will probably not last long, because society currently has fifty-eight sex identities and preferences to choose from, so at some point common sense will prevail as the Olympic committees realize the idiocy of the mess leftists have created, at which time the women/men classifications will hopefully once again prevail, based solely on biology.

Why do leftists have to confuse and destroy everything in our lives? It’s perfectly natural and normal for men to pursue women, but not with the intent to defeat them and steal their trophies. Rather, men should hold and appreciate women, not make women’s years of physical training and discipline worthless efforts because a bunch of biological losers want some attention, so they pick on the girl as an easy target.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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