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The Truth About Jim Crow 2.0

Georgia SB202, more commonly known as the Georgia voting law, has been a matter of great controversy in recent months. Stacey Abrams was probably the most famous critic of the bill. Abrams is famous for moaning about losing an election, and presumably being a body-positive feminist. She said that the bill would suppress the black vote and that it was worse than Jim Crow. Abrams literally said that it was Jim Crow 2.0. Some of the alleged offenses included a voter ID requirement, limiting mail-in voting, and banning the handing out of food or water in polling lines. The first reason the Georgia voting law cannot be Jim Crow 2.0 is that Jim Crow applied to far more than just voting.

Here are a few examples of Jim Crow laws. Blacks could not marry whites, school districts could segregate their schools based on race, a black person could not give testimony in court if it related to a white man, and whites could not inhabit the same room as blacks. After looking over a few of these former laws, Jim Crow 2.0 doesn’t seem too bad. Even if the bill flat out banned black people from voting, it would be nowhere near as evil as the real Jim Crow. It affected every aspect of life for those affected by it. Although perhaps, Abrams was only referring to similarities between Jim Crow voting restrictions and the Georgia law.  

There were a few Jim Crow-era voting restrictions that affected minorities, such as poll taxes or literacy tests. None of these laws technically diminished voting rights based on race, but many of the policies were specially designed to keep black people from voting. Literacy tests were implemented because black people did not have access to the same education as white people. The racist Democrats did not want blacks to have an education, and they certainly did not want them to vote. Now, however, the Democrats are accusing the republicans of doing the same thing. 

Leftists will claim that common sense voting practices discriminate against black people. They will say that black people can’t get to the voting polls, so of course, they need mail-in voting. Apparently, black people can’t bear to stand in a line for over 5 minutes without being given food or water. But their most often cited claim has been that laws requiring voter ID are racist. Specifically, it is said that black people have less access to identification. It is strange democrats think that, because many of their programs such as welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, social security, and unemployment benefits all require ID to apply for. I picked up an online order for some clothing at old navy a couple of days ago, and those racists asked for my ID to prove I was who I said I was. The point is, it would be nearly impossible to function in today’s society without an ID. 

If we can require ID for all these things, it seems like it is just common sense to have it for voting. After all, if someone votes twice, they are canceling out someone else’s vote. But the Democrats know this, and 60% of them are actually in favor of voter ID laws. 69% of black voters were in favor of voter ID, and so were 74% of white voters. The Democrats also say that voter IDs will affect non-black minorities as well, so it might come as a shock that 84% of non-black minorities are in favor of voter IDs.

This begs the question, if voter ID requirements are among the most bipartisan policies, then why does the leftist elite hate them so much, and why has it been the greatest controversy of 2021? The answer to this can be found in H.R.1, also known as the For the People Act or The Corrupt Politicians Act. This act does things like line the pockets of politicians by matching small-dollar campaign donations at a 6 to 1 ratio with taxpayer money, institute mail-in voting as the standard procedure for voting, and benefits the elites with various other ingenious plots to keep themselves in power. 

They know Democrats get more small-dollar donations compared to Republicans, so by adding that provision into the bill they will get to steal more money than republicans. Democrats are likely to commit voter fraud through mail-in voting, and even if there is no fraud, leftists are less likely to have enough enthusiasm to leave their parents’ basements to come out and vote. Just like the first set of Jim Crow laws, Democrats are aiming to keep themselves in power, but they technically are not diminishing the voting rights of their opponents. Leftists just specifically designed the laws to keep themselves in power. SB202 is not Jim Crow 2.0. H.R.1 is Jim Crow 2.0. 

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