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Not in America?

WARNING, yes this is long but as an American, you have an obligation, a duty to receive info that allows you to make logical decisions so read on. In order to connect those dots and reach a logical conclusion, we have a severe hurdle to overcome. We must erase from our logical mind three words, not in America.

Our life experiences and our freedoms have conditioned us to firmly believe that the America we grew up in could never change for the worse, America can only get better for everyone. That is what America has always done, regardless of the challenge, it has gotten better.

Can we look at what is going on in America today and see how true not in America is? The people’s houses of congress are encircled by a fence, guarded by troops. Conservative troops have been dismissed from that assignment. Our military is teaching critical race theory (CRT), Conservative troops are being treated negatively, one colonel has been fired. One officer stated it’s not like our military is being trained to fight the Chinese or Russians, it’s like they are being trained to fight Conservatives.Our children are being taught CRT and are being exposed to pornography, this results in them being confused, having low self-esteem, lacking respect and trust for others, and hating the country they live in. Personally, I see this as child abuse, and parents need to contact their state Attorney General and demand charges be brought against the school boards that condone this activity.

Corporations are also engaged in CRT teachings which create distrust, disharmony and affect promotions in the corporate structure. All this while they conduct business with China who is enslaving millions of its people in concentration camps based on race and ethnicity. They must be boycotted, challenged, and made to answer for their racist policies. Sadly this govt is doing the same.

This administration is in violation of their oaths of office and standing laws by allowing our southern border to remain open to illegals who are being supported by taxpayers and transported throughout the country without any recording of who they are, no covid test, and no court date to appear. For what purpose, cheap labor for business and a new voting block for Democrats?

As I write we still have riots in American cities with no attempt to prevent them nor any arrests. Then we have people still in jail, without bail, since Jan 6th for trespassing in the Capital bldg, some of which are being mistreated by guards. We have a woman who was shot to death by police, no name of the officer nor videos of the event are released. Now another dot has appeared for us to connect. It seems some of those people who entered the Capital bldg and were directing activities were working with the FBI, a good reason not to release the security video. Don’t be surprised if the evidence uncovers that the Democrats were responsible for staging the entire event just to create a media push.
Let’s not forget covid and what has happened because of it. Before covid we had the government sending funds to the Wuhan lab to conduct covid research. We now have evidence covid came from the Wuhan lab all that was hidden from us. As a result of covid schools and businesses were closed, our freedoms including worship and travel were severely restricted. Now we have many small businesses (the backbone of the American economy) that will never come back, millions unemployed. Now comes another dot to connect, many businesses are now open but can’t find help. The reason being, the government is paying them more in unemployment than they would receive by working. Now, why would the government do this while people are free to work? Is it possible the intent is to have people reliant upon the government for their survival? Remember, you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Is this yet another means of government control over citizens?

 Now here comes another dot. Biden closed down our pipeline forcing people on unemployment and threatening to do away with America’s energy independence. Then he gives the green light to the Russian pipeline that Trump stopped. Supposedly he shut ours down due to climate change issues yet strangely it’s ok for the Russians to move forward with our blessing.

 Then we have law enforcement, unless your ashes are in an urn or you are in a box 6 feet under you all know what has been going on with our police force. Now we are told racism is the reason for the negative attacks on them. Although if we look at historical facts that position is not supported. So just what is this all about, well are you ready to connect this dot? To make sense of this we must resort to the history of all fascists, socialist, communist governments to find the common thread. That would be a unified all controlled police force of the State, federal police if you will. Now is it possible that the Democrats would go so far as to say the only way to resolve this “race” issue with police is to have one national police force, controlled by the Democrats of course?

Ok, don’t tell me “not in America” remember that is how we started, by getting rid of those 3 words. Now that brings us to the big one, in order to make this happen it is critical that the 2nd amendment be curtailed or eliminated and that would be the job of the Federal police. This brings us to another dot that needs connecting. If the govt is so concerned over gun violence why have they not addressed the violence in our major Democratic-run cities? Actually, it’s easy you just need police to enforce gun laws, prosecutors to prosecute and imprison criminals, that’s how it works, crime is reduced more black lives are saved businesses come back to previously crime-ridden areas, people are employed and you have control over city violence. Once again it’s not about gun violence, it is all about government control.

Now that I have once again violated every rule of good writing, keep it short, keep it simple you have the information you can research to get the facts to make decisions. Oh, about those facts, be careful of Fact Checkers, most are controlled by the left which makes your job even more difficult. We all need to stand up, push back, challenge all the insane policies and attacks, get info out to our family and friends. America and all Americans are in deep trouble and as in 1776 it is going to take Patriots fully engaged to get America back on track to fulfill her mission of creating “a more perfect union.” Let’s not forget included in our Founding Fathers were teenagers so one is never too young to stand up for a belief.

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  1. Right on! We now know why they hated President Trump so vehemently and couldn’t let a day go by without harassing him. His success and popularity made it necessary for them to steal the 2020 election, otherwise they would not have won it. Rush Limbaugh always said that we can’t work just to defeat their ideas, but to destroy them. Candace Owens recently said that politicians have become a criminal class. There’s plenty of evidence that affirms her call. The reason they want to take away the second amendment is because Thomas Jefferson once said, “… what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”

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