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Mother, Daughter Athlete Duo Fight Against Biological Males In Women’s Sports


A mother and daughter athlete duo are fighting back against allowing biological males in women’s sports in Hawaii, a new mini-documentary shows.

The Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) released a mini-documentary Tuesday examining the story of Cynthia Monteleone and her daughter Margaret Oneal Monteleone, two track runners in Hawaii who are now “fighting for fairness in women’s athletics.”

Cynthia Monteleone is a World Masters track athlete who specialized in the 400 meter, according to an IWF press release. She explains in the mini-documentary that at one point in her career, she ran against a biological male and won. Afterwards she tried to ask questions about how fair it was to have a biological male compete in women’s sports but was told that she should be wary of questioning further, she said.

“They’ve told me to be quiet for my own safety, but I won’t be quiet,” Cynthia Monteleone told IWF. “I will continue to speak up. We deserve to be heard.”


Monteleone’s daughter is now a 16-year-old sophomore in high school who “hopes to follow in her mother’s footsteps of running track in college,” the press release said.

As a freshman, according to IWF, Margaret Monteleone raced against a biological male competitor and came in second behind this transgender student.

“As a coach and as a mother,” Cynthia Monteleone says in the mini-documentary, “seeing my daughter put in so many hours of hard work and being restrictive in her eating—maybe passing on sweets and things like that to make sure that she was strong for her race—it was heartbreaking to see that she was running as fast as she could, and still, this athlete breezed right by her.”

“Cynthia and Margaret are courageous for speaking out on this issue,” senior policy analyst at IWF Kelsey Bolar said in a statement. “It is fundamentally unfair that female athletes are being forced to compete against biological men who have biological athletic advantages. Women everywhere who claim to support other women should acknowledge the unfairness of the situation and work together towards a more equitable solution.”

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  1. How did we get to this state of affairs?
    We all know but few if any cares

    You wanted equality back in 1964
    Blacks got equality and women got even more

    Employers hire white women “minorities” by the millions
    White women got the jobs and more by the billions

    White men were dismissed when their jobs went south
    White men were told to go home and shut their mouth

    Equality is a zero-sum game that never has a winner
    Tell that to the fella that has to cook your dinner

  2. This isn’t about equality. It’s about someone pretending they are something they’re not. I feel the pain of these female athletes, but since they will never win, I think they should simply not compete; show up for the meets, and jog around the track. Or simply not participate. Let the trans start their own league; that would level the playing field.

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