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Gas Prices Then And Now – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Fill ‘er up?

If you took a road trip over the holiday weekend, you were sure to notice the price of gas has shot up compared to last year.

You can thank Fake President Joe Biden for that.

Under the Trump administration, America was energy independent for the first time in decades.

Under the Biden administration, the Keystone pipe line was halted and close to 52,000 people lost their jobs.

In March, Biden imported oil from Iran, the first time since 1991. The Democrats would rather import oil from a terrorist regime than have Americans produce the same product.

We went from “America First” to “China First”.

Gas prices will continue to skyrocket over the summer thanks to Biden. There will be gas shortages also.

Jimmy Carter 2.0 anyone?

For anyone who lived through the misery of the Carter years, they will remember the gas lines, the 18% interest rates and the inflation. We are about to be served up the “Carter malaise” again in spades.  No wonder Reagan won in a landslide. Carter was a weak, aimless President.

Sound familiar?

But Carter didn’t “Hate America” like our current “Resident of the White House.”

Our suggestion, resign now Joe Biden. Save yourself the embarrassment of been drug out of the “White House” by your heels.


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