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Fauci in Freefall, COVID Cause Covered Up, and Whack the Hackers: The Week in Review

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Headline #1:      Fauci Has a Really Bad Week, with Exposing Emails and Lab-Leak Likelihood

On Tuesday, thousands of emails from the unassailable Dr. Anthony Fauci were released to the press as part of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, and many of those emails showed Fauci in a bad light and perhaps even perjuring himself during Senate testimony. Additionally, more information became available throughout the week pointing to China’s lab in Wuhan as the origin of the COVID pandemic. Fauci’s credibility is plunging.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Probably the most damaging email message from the release was an exchange between Fauci and Dr. Hugh Auchincloss which showed Fauci essentially acknowledging concerns about China’s gain-of-function research back in February 2020. Fauci, as you will remember, testified before the Senate on the matter, and during a back-and-forth with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Fauci dismissed the very idea of China conducting such research with U.S. funding. It seems clear Fauci lied to Paul, and the senator is rightly calling for Fauci’s firing.
  • Sen. Paul has gone so far as to say Fauci has “moral culpability” for the pandemic itself. Strong words that are difficult to disagree with. Fauci has lied about the efficacy of masks. He’s lied about the need to mask and socially distance after receiving vaccinations. He’s lied about Chinese operations regarding gain-of-function research. And he’s lied about the likelihood of COVID not being a naturally originating virus. If roles were reversed, and if Fauci was an ally of a Republican Administration, we’d be hearing non-stop accusations from the left that Fauci “has blood on his hands.”
  • In another message from February 2020, Fauci told a CBS reporter that if COVID’s mortality rate wound up at 0.2% to 0.4%, then the proper approach to COVID should be similar to that of the seasonal flu.  Later last spring, however, when the actual mortality rate was revised by the CDC to exactly that range – somewhere between 0.2% and 0.4% – Fauci never flinched and kept his public narrative the same: COVID is the end of the world.
  • In addition to those emails, the Wuhan lab leak scandal continued to gain steam this week with more evidence coming to light, as well as an obvious cover-up attempt by those within our government’s scientific community. That cover-up, as detailed in Headline #2, appears to have had a solid ally with Dr. Fauci as shown by his downplaying of the idea from the beginning.
  • Anyone who still thinks Dr. Fauci is just a well-intentioned old man with a cute New York accent who’s been trying to do the right thing for the American people needs to have their head examined. Fauci is the very definition of the so-called “Swamp Creature.” He’s accountable to no one. He’s lied repeatedly to the American people with autonomy and a cheering media. And he’s been entirely political from the very beginning. Like the rest of the swamp, Fauci’s loyalties have been to his colleagues and the institutions for which they work. Truth be damned, science be damned, and the American people be damned. Fauci’s priorities were always about Fauci.

Headline #2:      Clear Directives Were Given to Avoid Lab Leak Theory in Blatant Cover-Up

Multiple sources, including both Vanity Fair and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, detailed concerted efforts by government officials to shutdown pursuit and analysis of the theory that the COVID virus originated in the Wuhan Laboratory of Virology in late-2019.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • For those who haven’t been following this story, an update: it is virtually certain that the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic, which has utterly devastated the global economy and killed millions of people worldwide, originated in a Chinese laboratory. There are two primary questions that remain unanswered: Was the lab leak an accident or intentional? And why did our friends on the left downplay this likelihood and avoid holding China accountable for either their incompetence or evil?
  • The Vanity Fair article details a letter published from dozens of respected scientists in February 2019 pooh-poohing the very idea of the theory. Democrats and the media used this letter as evidence that the lab-leak idea was crazy-talk and treated anyone who discussed it as such. “We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin,” said the letter. In order to “trust the science,” we need to be able to trust the scientists. Is there any wonder why people are skeptical of so-called ‘scientists?’
  • Bureaucrats in multiple federal organizations including the NIH, the CDC, and even colleagues within Pompeo’s own State Department, tried to shut down investigations into, and even discussions about, the virus’ lab origins, warning that such probing would open a “Pandora’s Box.” When former President Trump and others refer to the “Deep State,” this is exactly what they are talking about. Politically motivated unelected officeholders who think they know better than everyone else, demanding that officials lie to the American people.
  • What’s most disturbing about this story is the media’s complicity. Governments withholding information from their citizenries is nothing new, but in the past we could at least count on an inquisitive media to chase the truth. With the COVID lab-leak, not only did the media lack curiosity, they actively engaged in suppressing the story. Social media giants went so far as to block content related to the story and to suspend those sharing such content. Trump called the mainstream media “The enemy of the people,” and it’s stories like this one which validate that accusation.
  • Speaking of Trump, it also seems undeniable that he was ultimately the main driver behind the cover-up, with media personalities admitting as much. Trump and Pompeo had both asserted the lab-leak idea and claimed to have evidence, and the media, having been thoroughly infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome, couldn’t allow Trump to be right and given credit. TDS truly is/was a sickness.
  • What’s next with this story? Who knows, but here’s what should happen. The media needs to self-police itself and expose what led to their dereliction of duty. China needs to be called on the carpet by the U.N. and the WHO which should demand explanations and corrective action plans. The international community, including NATO and others, need to band together and implement devastating, punitive sanctions on China. But if I were a betting man, I’d wager that none of those things happen, and instead President Biden will downplay the problem and go to the local Dairy Queen where he’s asked questions about whether he likes sprinkles.

Headline #3:      Russian Hackers Strike Again with Breach of Meat Producing Company

Brazilian-based meat producer JBS, the largest meat producing company in the world, had their North American and Australian operations’ systems hacked on Sunday with ransomware by a Russian hacking gang known as REvil, shutting down operations for days.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • This is the second such cyber-attack on a major, U.S. private operation in less-than a month. In mid-May, gasoline pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline was also hacked by Russians resulting in a total shutdown of gas supply for half of the Eastern Seaboard, and lines at gas stations reminiscent of President Jimmy Carter’s tenure in the late-1970’s. And there have been other, less-publicized attacks as well. These attacks are increasing in frequency.
  • These hackers have shown they can wreak havoc with our fuel supply. They’ve shown they can interrupt our food supply as well. What’s next on their list? Our energy grid? Health care systems? Law enforcement or military? These hacks are unsettling and unacceptable, yet the Biden Administration seems flummoxed on how to respond. It is for that reason that we should expect to not only see these attacks continue, but intensify.
  • The solution seems to be obvious enough: retaliate. Whack the hackers, and clobber Russia. We’ve got some really smart people in America, particularly when it comes to cyber security, and we’re getting our lunch eaten by a bunch of Boris Badenoff types, sipping vodka and watching hockey. Get on the phone with your Silicon Valley cronies Joe, and ask them to give you a team of brainiacs to fix the problem.
  • Though disguised as being driven by greed with the goal of extracting ransom from these companies, there are two reasons for the attacks, and money isn’t one of them. The first reason is to instill a sense of doubt in Americans regarding our overall vulnerability. They’re screaming at us, “Your government won’t protect you,” and right now, they’re correct. Remember after the Colonial Pipeline attack, the Biden Administration essentially shrugged their shoulders calling it a “private industry” problem.
  • The second reason is obvious. The Russians are launching these attacks because they can. You can practically hear Vladimir Putin laughing and saying, “Joe Biden? What’s that senile, old moron going to do?” Weakness creates a vacuum, and that vacuum will inevitably be filled by someone stronger, and often by someone with nefarious intentions. And President Joe Biden is the epitome of weakness.
  • Yes, we had instances of smaller, similar attacks when President Trump was in the White House, but they were far fewer and much less serious. First of all, Trump recognized that such attacks are a major concern for the government, not just a private industry matter. Second, Trump was credible and strong. He had already imposed damaging sanctions on Russia. He had killed the top military leader of Russia’s biggest ally Iran when we blew up General Qasem Soleimani. Trump was always on the offensive in his dealings with China, North Korea, and the Middle East. Biden has none of that credibility. Biden is a wimp.

Headline #4:        Democrats Having Second Thoughts on Biden’s Proposed Tax-Hikes

As detailed Wednesday by Politico, Congressional Democrats are getting cold feet at the prospect of massive tax increases as proposed by President Biden.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Shortly after being sworn-in, President Biden went to the Democrat Playbook of proposing tax hikes and playing class warfare politics. Biden’s proposal promises to only affect “those making over $400,000 per year,” but Congressional Democrats, particularly in the House, apparently know better and are reading the tea leaves.
  • When you factor in capital gains as Biden has been doing, and then consider the impact his corporate tax-hikes will have on small businesses, the last thing our economy needs is more tax burdens on its people.
  • In addition to the damage to a sputtering economy, another reason why tax-hikes are the last thing we need is because we don’t have a revenue problem in America. We’ve got plenty of money pouring into the coffers each month. That’s not the problem. We don’t have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem, and as noted last week, Biden is on track to propose $134 trillion in spending during his four-year term.
  • Included among the skeptical Democrats is House Agriculture Chair David Scott (D-GA). If committee chairs are getting antsy, you can bet there are plenty of less-tenured and less-prominent members who are also apprehensive. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is undoubtedly trying to keep her members in line, but if cracks are developing in the coalition already, that’s a bad sign.
  • If Dems are becoming leery of tax hikes, might they also begin balking at Biden’s spending proposals? Absolutely. Ultimately, self-preservation instincts set in amongst most politicians, and Biden’s economic proposals are insane. Congresspeople in deep blue states might be safe because their constituents are nuts anyway. But in purple states and districts, reality appears to be setting in.
  • One statement in the Politico piece is particularly revealing and illustrates what Biden’s tax increases are really about. “Progressives are concerned that there’s no telling when the party might get another shot to directly address income inequality,” says the article’s authors. Biden’s tax increases aren’t about paying for spending. Biden’s tax hikes are about sticking it to those mean old rich people they purport to despise. That’s a bad policy justification and it could be part of the problem with waning support.

Headline #5:         Another Black Man in Minneapolis is Shot by Law Enforcement

Though not named by police, a man apparently known as Winston Boogie Smith Jr., a 32-year old father of three, was shot dead by sheriff’s deputies on Thursday afternoon during an effort by a U.S. Marshals task force to apprehend Smith for illegal firearm possession. According to the Marshals Service, Smith had been identified in a parked car, was given instructions by the officers to which he didn’t comply and at which point he “produced a handgun resulting in task force members firing upon the subject.”

Thoughts and Observations:

  • So, here’s how this works. Don’t own or carry guns illegally. If you do carry a gun illegally and you get caught, cooperate with law enforcement, up to and including turning yourself in. If you do carry guns illegally, and if you don’t turn yourself in, and if you have the cops approach you in a car and they tell you to put your hands up, don’t pull out a gun on them. And if you do pull out a gun, expect to be shot. Lots of times, and until you are dead. This wisdom should not be news to anyone.
  • Sounds like a pretty straightforward example of cops doing their jobs properly, doesn’t it? Nonetheless, riots and looting in Uptown Minneapolis followed the shooting, with scores of businesses being damaged and plundered. Knuckleheads like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and Al Sharpton can try to justify riots and looting in such circumstances all they want, but reactions like these are indefensible. “Cops just killed an armed black guy who pulled out a gun when they were trying to arrest him. I’m pissed. C’mon everyone, let’s go steal stuff!” Leftist logic lunacy.
  • It’s no accident that continued incidents like these are coinciding with the widespread plummeting of support for Black Lives Matter. According to a recent Morning Consult/Politico poll, “just under half of U.S. adults, 48%, currently hold favorable views of the Black Lives Matter movement, down from 61% last May.” BLM has lost almost a fourth of their support in just one year. Keep demonizing police, and keep pushing this type of nonsense, and those numbers will continue to shrink.
  • An interesting aspect of this case is the level of coordination across multiple law enforcement jurisdictions. Two sheriff’s deputies from two different counties shot Smith. The arrest was being coordinated by Federal Marshals. The State of Minnesota is investigating the incident and were likely involved in the operation itself. And city cops were undoubtedly involved as well. This level of involvement from so many entities tells us they deemed the situation with Smith to be highly dangerous and worthy of such measures, and considering Smith pulled a gun on them, they were right.

Photo by Trump White House Archives at Flickr.

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