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Bugging Biden – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Cicadas for the win!

Cicadas have been in the news recently. Once every seventeen years, the cicadas hatch and emerge to enjoy the summer. The insects lay their eggs, die off, and begin the seventeen year cycle anew.

This year they are ready to rumble. They don’t call them the “17” year cicada for nothing.

The cicadas know Biden is a weak, illegitimate president who is part of a regime determined to convert America into a globalist, Marxist, disaster.  A few days ago a cicada swam took out the Biden press plane as they flew into the engines, delaying the fight to Europe.

Then as the Cheater in Chief was giving his departure speech, a kamikaze cicada hit Biden in the neck causing him to squeal to the press, “A Big Bug just got me.” 

It is reassuring to know our insect friends are red pilled!

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