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5 Supplies Every Hunter Should Carry with Them

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Hunting is an outdoor activity that is both a thrilling and learning experience. Whether young or old, whenever you need to go out hunting, you should be well equipped to face whatever the outdoors throws at you. That is why being prepared is a primary key while hunting to achieve great success and also boost your confidence.

Aside from the hunting license, which is a must-have, there are other essential items you should always have. These items will enable smooth hunting. For instance, a survival kit is ideal for when something goes amiss. Also, the outdoors requires you to be ready for the worst since there are no rules in the woods. Therefore, a hunters survivor kit is a must-have. Read on to find out five major items to carry while going out hunting.

Water and more water

Whenever you leave for the outdoors, you should remember to carry water. And if your leaving involves strenuous activities like hunting, you will need more water to keep your body well hydrated. Even if you lack food for some days, water can always suffice.

The amount of hydration that your body will need depends on the temperature of the day, your route, and the duration of your hunt. Packing extra water will always come in handy. However, if your hunting routes have springs and creeks nearby, then there is no need to carry too much water but have quality water bottles as well as tumblers.

Extra Food

Food is important for the body as it provides energy and strength to tackle any activity. Although the body can go for days without food, that doesn’t mean it can do without it completely. Hunting is a sport that requires utmost concentration and strength. This can be obtained by feeding so that the body doesn’t deplete its energy.

For your hunting trip to be productive, you need to carry plenty of non-perishable food especially that provides energy for the body. Ensure the food is packed with all the nutrients such as proteins, carbs, and fats, particularly the healthier kind.

First Aid supplies

The outdoors is filled with surprises. And most of these surprises are usually negative. For this reason, a first aid kit is an extremely important item you should always have with you while hunting. There are so many things that can injure you in the wilds and getting to the hospital is probably the last option. Therefore, with a well-equipped first-aid kit, you can get on your feet in no time.

Creating your first-aid kit is greatly determined by the area of hunting and the possible injuries that might occur. Having antibiotic gel, gauze, antiseptic wipes, medical tape, sunscreen, insect repellents, etc., as your first-aid supplies can come in handy.

Map or Compass and Flashlight

Hunting in the vast wilds without any direction can lead to you getting lost. To avoid that, you can always have a map and compass to mark the beginning of your hunting and also know where you are at all times. This will help you cover the areas efficiently. Your electronic devices may have GPS, but the battery may die unexpectedly. Therefore, it is ideal for keeping a traditional map. When it gets dark, you will need a flashlight to help you navigate through the woods. Always remember to pack these items.


As mentioned, the outdoors can be quite unpredictable. For this reason, you will need to carry shelter for your well-being. The temperatures may rise, or there can be a sudden heavy downpour. All these factors call for shelter like a solid tent for withstanding them.


Planning ahead of time before leaving for the outdoors can save you a great deal of trouble. Being well-prepared while going out hunting will yield better and productive results. It will also make the activity fun and enjoyable

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