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The Search for “Normal” In America

For over a year, we have heard a lot of talk about getting back to normal. We were told we needed just a few days to stop the curve. We were told if we socially distanced and wore face masks, we would be back to normal in no time. We are going on 15 months of flattening the curve and “getting back to normal.”

But there is no normal in sight. Not when President Joe Biden signals that you must get a vaccine or wear face masks until you do. That does not sound like freedom, my body my choice, or anything that resembles the America that we all knew.

The President’s threats in promoting the coronavirus vaccine is not bringing us any closer to normal. But what should we expect from a radical party that has staked their entire political lives on making our country dependent?

If we were truly getting back to normal, we certainly would not have seen Speaker Nancy Pelosi extend the remote voting session for members of the House of Representatives through July 3. All members of Congress were offered the vaccine and anyone who wanted it took it. The CDC says those individuals can safely assemble without concern or risk. But our nation’s leadership chooses to continue the fear-mongering by extending remote voting.

That certainly does not give the impression of normal at all does it? Where is the leadership in our country that is pushing us to get back to something that resembles normal?

It does not exist. In fact, I am beginning to question if normal will ever exist in our country again. Sure, we have perhaps eliminated face masks in some areas. I have to admit, it was quite nice going out for dinner with my family in North Carolina without everyone in face masks. It was quite odd seeing faces again and watching facial expressions. Ironically, it was odd seeing what normal could be.

But we are nowhere close to normal. Not when our own members of Congress are blocked from going to work and doing their jobs in their offices. Perhaps that’s what the radical left wants but it really should not be that way. There is absolutely no reason that our country could not be back to normal. Other than the Democrats.

As I enjoyed dinner with my family, I noticed the trend across the country. The restaurant was understaffed and the workers were overworked. As we drive down the streets of our town, we see countless “now hiring” signs. The story is the same in cities across the country.

That’s a big change from just a year ago when unemployment was so low that almost everyone in the country was working. Now, businesses are begging people to work. Fast food restaurants are offering wages and sign-on bonuses that exceed what a lot of manufacturing jobs are paying. Yet, they still cannot find workers. Neither can the manufacturing companies.

The radical left tells us that this is because there are not enough workers. Anytime someone brings up the unemployment benefits argument they say that its fake news and misinformation. But is it? After all, the last jobs report said that nearly 10 million people were without jobs. Why? Why are nearly 10 million people out of work when so many businesses are needing help?

There are only two logical answers and both are a direct result of the radical left. First, these people are refusing to work or take jobs out of fear of the coronavirus. While the CDC and other “science experts” say that they are completely safe to do so, they see their elected leaders continue to wear masks, argue that interactions are not safe, and choose to remain away from their jobs for another 2 months.

Or it’s the fact that those government benefits, like the unemployment benefits, food assistance, housing assistance, and any other free thing that the government decided to hand out, is taking care of them. While I believe that some probably fall in the first category, the large majority fall in the second. There is absolutely no reason for unemployment benefits to continue until near the end of the year. Our federal government should take a page from Texas, South Carolina, and other states who chose to end unemployment benefits early to get people back into the workforce.

While the talk of “normal” exists in the mainstream media and the radical left’s vocabulary, few, if any, of their actions indicate that they have any interest in returning to normal. They continue to pander their propaganda, with threats of more outbreaks and continued disruptions to American lives. Americans are looking and are ready to return to normal. Well, most “normal” Americans that is.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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