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Six Blatant and Damaging Lies by President Joe Biden

The Blue State Conservative

In this installment of our weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative examine six of Joe Biden’s most egregious lies since and the damage caused by the dishonesty.


#6: There is no border crisis, and this surge in migrants “happens every single, solitary year. Nothing has changed.”

PF: Even though categorizing a situation as a “crisis” is subjective, this assertion by Biden and his Administration is clearly a lie because anyone with the slightest level of objectivity can see how dire things are at the border. Even NBC News, which is essentially just a component of the White House’s communications team, admits as much; explaining that illegal border crossings are at a 20-year high. There are children being kept in the same ‘cages’ they accused President Trump of using, there are eight-times more migrants being detained now than at any time during Trump’s term, and all of this is happening amid a pandemic the Administration is still trying to hype as problematic. Biden and his cronies are lying through their teeth.

Shouting obvious falsehoods at your citizens is bad enough for any politician, particularly for a president, but the level of damage those lies cause varies. And this one is especially concerning.

The border crisis can be viewed as having two distinct issues which are distressing. The first, and most obvious, is the issue of national security. The more chaos there is at the border the more likely it is our country will be infiltrated by those who would do us harm. And the second issue is the human impact. We don’t want to have people coming into our country illegally, but we also don’t want to have women and children dying and being raped on their way here, whether they’re doing so illegally or not. It’s brutal, unacceptable, and wrong.

When Biden pooh-poohs the happenings at the border as no big deal, and when his complicit media plays along by regurgitating those lies, he lays the groundwork for significant problems. He puts our entire country at risk for a future terrorist attack, and he enables evil to win over innocent women and children. Being weak on the border isn’t compassionate and lying about that weakness isn’t virtuous. It’s dangerous.


#5: “I have this strange notion…[that] we are a democracy…[there are] things you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy. We need consensus.”

Parker: President Trump, like all human beings who interact with journalists and the public on a daily basis, faced moments of distorting reality or making a false claim. Sometimes it was for political gain and others it was a simple mistake. The media angled these speaking errors as dastardly and ruinous to the traditions of democracy and as veiled threats against the Constitution. (Somehow, the left could defend the Constitution with a straight face when referencing Trump’s supposed indifference toward the enshrined document.)

Of course, had Trump paraded around with a surname like Obama or Biden, each speaking engagement would have been viewed as gospel. Lies? Untruths? Any questioning of the holy propriety must be coming from a place of racism or white supremacy. In the second “debate,” Joe Biden was asked about Trump’s use of executive orders. Now, the real answer to the framing of that question would have been, “Well, yes, Trump has used the power of executive order just like every other president before him. Next question?”

Instead, in another of the idiotic and baseless appeals to the moronic masses (Stalin’s useful idiots), Biden claimed that Trump was acting like a tyrant and dictator. Never mind that he served as the vice president for a man that said if he didn’t get his way that he would merely rely on the power of his pen. Consensus is for fools and elections have consequences, isn’t that right Obama/Biden?

The statement was as false, misleading, and evil as one could get. Because stupid Americans bought the Big Lie that Trump was a fascist, it played well for soundbites, but Biden’s history and now current realities belie the notion that he is anything but a dictator himself. In his first week, he set a record of signing over 40 executive orders. As of now, he has already signed a total of. What was that again about dictators?

Sure, it might be politically savvy to gin up the base and prey on lesser minds (to the tune of 80 million votes), but it is patently dishonest and damaging. What was Trump’s worst lie in office? Seriously, I’ll wait. Even before entering office, Joe Biden laid down a tall tale the likes of which were worse than anything uttered in the four years preceding him.


#4: It is time for corporations and the richest Americans to “start paying their fair share.”

PF: According to Tax Foundation, in 2017, “The top 50% of all taxpayers paid 97% of all individual income taxes, while the bottom 50% paid the remaining 3%.” Additionally, “The top 1% paid a greater share of individual income taxes (38.5%) than the bottom 90% combined (29.9%).” If anything, that breakdown is unfair against the wealthy, not in favor of them. We have half of the country which pays virtually nothing in federal income tax and the richest folks pay the vast majority, and that disparity isn’t big enough for Biden and the left. Again, the word “fair” is subjective, but there’s no way to look at the facts of the matter and conclude Biden is telling the truth.

While it can be argued that most politicians participate in such deceptions, Biden’s lying is acutely more problematic when you consider the current social climate in which we’re living. Much of the unrest in our country may be centered around race, but a substantial portion of it is focused on class. This type of rhetoric by Biden and Democrats is class warfare, plain and simple. They demonize the wealthy – unless of course those wealthy are from Hollywood or vote Democrat – and they rile up ignorant voters on a total fabrication.

Many prognosticators on both sides of the political spectrum are floating the idea of America heading towards civil war. While I don’t think that scenario is likely, it’s hard to deny the possibility exists. And if we do head in that direction, it won’t be about race, or gender, or any of the other inherent traits and social issues the left uses in their identity politics approach to dividing us, it will be about economic class more than anything else. Socialists/communists castigating anyone who makes more than they do.

The message from Biden and everyone else should be this: Don’t envy your neighbor who has more wealth than you do, congratulate them, and strive to get to their level. That’s the American way, and it works. Biden’s divide-and-conquer approach is only going to destroy this country’s social fabric.


#3: The Biden administration inherited a “nonexistent coronavirus vaccine distribution plan.”

Parker: There are lies that get a pass from the public because most Americans are either too ignorant or too stupid to be bothered with digging up the truth. I wrote about his executive order lie and you are about to name his nonsensical statement on masking. The former gets a pass largely because people don’t care when their guy does something they like, and the latter gets a pass because the indoctrinated followers agree wholeheartedly in the science-free world of mask mandates.

However, it is a different beast altogether to make an assertion so widely known and experienced as to negate the possibility of reconciliation among thinking people and brain dead indoctrinees. Upon entering office, Joe Biden and his entire administration, with the help of the American Pravda establishment, boldly declared that they were building the entire network of vaccine distribution from scratch. According to this narrative, despite Operation Warp Speed laying the groundwork for medical miracles to transpire and working in conjunction with pharmaceutical companies, the military, the healthcare system, and everyone else, apparently the entire Trump team was just blindfolding itself and throwing darts at a map, hoping to make some vaccine plans stick somewhere on the North American continent.

This lie, designed to continue soiling the memory of the many Trump successes, required a degree of suspended reality in order to accept as truth. Americans had begun signing up for and receiving vaccines in December. Millions of Americans, countless Democrat voters among them, had been poked by January 20th. Millions more were lined up to receive the jab on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd, etc. Let’s not even pretend the Biden camp miraculously took no plan on the 20th and whipped it up into an amazing plan in 24 hours.

Facts are stubborn things, and the facts around vaccine development, roll out, and distribution are quite stubborn indeed. On the day of Biden’s inauguration, the country vaccinated almost one million people, with a seven-day moving average of around 900,000. Did these vaccines just fall into peoples’ arms? In a speech outlining his first 100 days of fighting Covid, Biden laid out a visionary proposal to vaccinate 100 million Americans. Of course, that means he could have maintained Trump’s policy without doing anything. An inconvenient graphic in the linked article shows how vaccination trends were going to build with or without Biden’s intervention. Moreover, the Johnson and Johnson poke was not authorized for emergency use until late February. The chart shows a nice bump once this third option became available.

No matter the amount of spin, Joe Biden did nothing and has done nothing for four months to aid or speed up distribution. Once the Trump administration left office, plans were in motion. All credit goes to his efforts and the players involved in the development and distribution. Biden? He did nothing.


#2: Wearing masks is “a small precaution to take that has a profound impact. It’s a patriotic responsibility for God’s sake.”

PF: Yes, this Biden statement came a few weeks ago, just before the CDC changed their guidelines on masks, but it was still bogus even at that time. There’s just so much that’s untrue about this statement, it’s difficult to determine which aspect of it is most ridiculous.

The data supporting the benefits of mask-wearing are sketchy at best, particularly now that the pandemic is essentially over. States with mask mandates often did worse than states without them. To argue that wearing masks after half the country has been vaccinated will have a “profound impact” has no basis in fact, and it is obviously false. But the idea that doing whatever the hell Joe Biden wants us to do is somehow patriotic implies that to do otherwise is unpatriotic, which is outrageous, infuriating, and extremely provoking.

Democrats and Biden claim to be the party of Science, (with an upper-case ‘S’), but they’re not. They’re far from it. They only embrace Science when it supports their agenda. When it doesn’t, they lie about Science. The more people like Joe Biden lie about Science, the less credibility actual scientists have. That is a problem, and it’s being promulgated by the left and the ignoramuses in their media.

But the most disturbing aspect of Biden’s statement is the idea of patriotism. Do what I say, and you’re a patriotic American, and if you don’t, you’re a traitor. It’s a slippery slope he’s treading on, and one he should get away from as quickly as possible. There are millions of Americans who didn’t vote for Biden, don’t like his policies, and think the suggestion of wearing masks at this point is stupid. That doesn’t make them unpatriotic.

Joe Biden may be president, but he’s not America. And he doesn’t decide what is or is not patriotic, and he shouldn’t act like he does. Just like Donald Trump, and Barack Obama, and all the presidents before them. Patriotism may be a somewhat abstract concept, but it’s also a sensitive one. The President of the United States should not set out to define patriotism by applying his own ideals to that definition, no matter how well-intentioned he may be.


#1: “It was a murder in the full light of day, and it ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism…that is a stain [on] our nation’s soul.”

Parker: Spoken the evening that the three guilty verdicts were handed down to Derek Chauvin, this sixth Biden lie castigates the entire nation – its past and its present, its heroes and its citizens – as one founded on and ridden with racism. If ever there were a Big Lie about America, this is it.

Discourse grounded in truth would recognize that slavery was universal at the time of America’s founding and that, rather than perpetuate it, this great nation ended it in less than a century. This fact alone should help all lovers of freedom and human dignity celebrate the different moral universe in which the United States inhabits. Instead, willful purveyors of untruths deceive the ignorant masses in order to gain more political and cultural power. Slavery of past humans was bad, but apparently the enslavement of present-day minds is acceptable given that this lie is pushed so regularly.

The vile narratorial putrescence of systemic racism falls apart in every which way. One need only parse through publicly available data to realize that no such systems exist that legally, institutionally, or otherwise explicitly seek to destroy the black community. One need only look at the millions of wealthy and successful black Americans to realize that there are more opportunities for people willing to work hard and apply themselves than anywhere else on earth.

As it pertains specifically to the mistrial of Derek Chauvin, Biden’s explicit lie falls apart when compared to the words of lead prosecutor and attorney general of Minnesota Keith Ellison. When interviewed after the trial concluded, he was asked about the role race played in the arrest and subsequent passing of George Floyd. Ellison, no fan of truth or a race-blind society, conceded that there was no “evidence that Derek Chauvin factored in George Floyd‘s race as he did what he did.” That is a real quote.

So, while a legal team tasked with finding every shred of evidence to lead to a conviction couldn’t find any evidence (none!), Joe Biden was overtly lying by saying that the selectively videotaped encounter tore the blinders off for the world to see our systemic racism, the totality of the trial left out any mention of race. Despite the entire nation rallying behind racial injustice and burning for an entire summer, and despite the fact Joe Biden declared our nation still torn apart by systemic racism, the fact remains that this is a gigantic lie. We are not a racist country. To suggest otherwise is a treacherous and traitorius deceit.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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