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Protecting your business image from telemarketing scams

It has been over one year since the pandemic has forced businesses to transition from brick-and-mortar offices to remote work – a transition that came with the challenges of remote employee management, safeguarding customer sensitive data, and dealing with imposters.

Unable to work in an office due to public health guidelines, businesses have had to use voice calls, chats, emails, and social media to process orders and manage complaints. However, texts from robots, and phone calls from scammers, impersonating remote workers have reduced the quality of customer experience and satisfaction.

A scam does not just hurt your customers; it threatens your business image too. After all, we live in a digital world where the community readily shares the experiences of others. What can you do as a business owner?

It is 2021, and online marketing is indispensable for a small business to thrive. Your business needs a website or presence across social media to stay relevant and accessible to customers. However, your business still needs a dedicated telephone number, and here are five reasons to have one.

Before a customer calls you, chances are they have tweeted about their discomforts using your product or service. Such tweets or posts may help you drive leads and engagement, but they are also a goldmine for scammers. By going through the user’s profile and other social media account information, scammers find their contact information and call them, impersonating customer service.

Because the timing is right, unsuspecting customers work with these impersonators and end up having a worse experience, with unpleasant consequences for your business. Savvy customers use phone number search to verify caller identity, especially when a business contacts them regarding a special offer or discount on a service. When you register a number, your business information is on the mobile carrier registry. A phone search searches for this information and helps the customer verify you as the caller.

All in all, protecting your business image from telemarketing scams is multifaceted. If your business is embroiled in telemarketing scams, dousing the flames and reestablishing contact may be difficult, especially if customers list on the do not call registry.

Given the implications of these, you will need to take steps to improve cybersecurity. While your employees need not become experts, there is no denying the importance of cybersecurity training for new hires and business culture.

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