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New York Times Says ‘Herd Immunity is Unlikely’ in Latest Propaganda Piece

As the mainstream media continues to distribute its propaganda pieces on behalf of the Democratic Party, The New York Times ran a piece that is sure to delight the Biden regime in the White House. The article on Monday was titled “Reaching ‘Herd Immunity’ Is Unlikely in the U.S., Experts Now Believe.” After over a year of hearing Dr. Anthony Fauci and his “science” friends say that herd immunity is key, they now want to argue that it may never happen.

The discussion about herd immunity started last year as some physicians suggested that the US may be closer to herd immunity than Fauci and other leaders indicated. Fauci and the mainstream media started spreading their propaganda that the US would need 70% of the population to receive the vaccine to reach herd immunity. Then we all remember Fauci and the moving goalposts that were based on “science” when he said that nearly 90% of the US population would need the vaccine to reach herd immunity.

Just last week, Fauci and other “experts” said that hesitancy to receive the vaccine posed risks to herd immunity. They were trying to reassure Americans to take the COVID vaccine amid the Johnson & Johnson vaccine controversy. They continued to say that the only way to be free of the pandemic was to take these vaccines. But now their story has changed.

In The New York Times article, Fauci admits that the “experts” are correct that the coronavirus is never going to go away and that it will continue to mutate and exist for years to come. He said that the goal is no longer herd immunity, but rather to get the infection rates low enough so that the cases are low.

In other words, the restrictions and changes to the American way of life may be necessary to remain permanently because we can never fully eliminate the virus. The fear that the radical Left has created must remain. The inability to move around freely and enjoy life apart from government restrictions will never return.

There are some that will argue I am fearmongering, but you have to look at the terminology that was used by The New York Times in their piece. Their words were, “If the herd immunity threshold is not attainable, what matters most is the rate of hospitalizations and deaths…” That is the same verbiage used from the beginning of the pandemic. It’s staying consistent with their propaganda message that the government knows best and you should simply submit and comply.

Their argument is that after COVID restrictions are relaxed, we may only be dealing with sporadic and location-specific flare-ups. In other words, the government could step in at any time and say that you are in an area that has experienced a flare-up and put you, your business, and your life on hold as they want to “protect” you. The article continues to argue that the only way forward is through vaccines, but if there is no way to eradicate the virus, what is the point?

If we are unable to return to normal, unable to achieve herd immunity, and unable to eradicate the virus as Joe Biden promised, what is the point? The truth is that the Democrats and radical Left see an opportunity and believe that Dr. Fauci can lead them into the level of American control that they desire. They want this level of control over you and your family. It’s all part of their socialist dream scenario and they see the pandemic as a means to get there.

They believe in long lines and limits to your freedom. They are all in favor of rationing your red meat, bread, or any other food you would like to have. They have decimated service industries with their unemployment programs, so much that fast food and casual restaurants in many areas across the country are struggling to remain open. But we are to believe that there is nothing wrong with what is happening and that the economy is still doing well.

Many Americans went all-in on the COVID restrictions last year as Fauci and the radicals began pushing them. They said that if we sacrificed for just a short time, we could get back to normal. They said that once the vaccines came out and when enough Americans received them we would be back to normal. Now, normal seems to only be possible if we are willing to stand up to the radical agenda and reject the tyranny of the Biden regime.

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