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More Intelligence From Wuhan Continues to Implicate Lab as Source of COVID-19

In a new intelligence report, details are emerging how workers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology became so sick in November 2019, that they required hospitalization. While there were some details from a previous intelligence report issued by the Trump administration, the new details go much further.

The new report is more than just a mere suggestion, as many key intelligence officials support it. It’s a much stronger signal that the virus had begun to circulate around the Wuhan lab in November 2019, well before the first documented case in December 2019. The Wall Street Journal cites one source speaking on the new intelligence as saying, “The information that we had coming from the various sources was of exquisite quality. It was very precise. What it didn’t tell you was exactly why they got sick.”

Of course, much of this information could be either confirmed or put to rest by Chinese officials, who have conspired with the World Health Organization (WHO) to block the release of any logs and details of the Wuhan lab. The WHO and China have maintained that the lab was not the source of the leak. But China’s claims about the origins of the virus have shifted multiple times, from a meat market to potentially being imported into the country.

The Wall Street Journal cites Chinese sources as trying to blow off the new report. They claim it is not uncommon for Chinese citizens to go straight to the hospital when sick. They also said that the illnesses mentioned were considered seasonal and not serious. But the intelligence reports seem to indicate that the sickness was much more than just a seasonal cold or flu.

Outside of the Trump administration, there has been a hesitancy to place any blame on China by any world leaders or health organizations. The Biden regime has not discussed the origins of the virus, instead of focusing on how to pressure US citizens into taking the vaccine to “get back to normal.”

But that idea of normal has shifted multiple times under Democrat leadership. Normal has been completely normal, to masking as the new normal, from social distancing is working to social distancing is not as critical as thought, and more. It continues to highlight the changes as the outspoken leader of the US coronavirus effort, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has continued to change his stance and move his “goalposts.”

All indications seem to continue to point to the Wuhan lab as the source for the virus. Other recent reports shared how China was researching biological weapons, such as this coronavirus, for use in a potential new world war. It is easy to see how the communist nation would want to block the potential leak from their military lab as the source for the virus.

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