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Lefty vs. Lefty: Antifa Kicked Out of Protest by BLM

Saturday, a Black Lives Matter group had enough of the Antifa terrorists in Portland. The group had organized a protest march that Antifa had joined and, as usual, the Antifa members became violent. Of course, they are just an idea as President Joe Biden claims right?

A video posted to Twitter shows the confrontation between the two groups as Antifa was approached and accused of using Black people as shields. Antifa has joined in multiple events to use the event as cover for their violent initiatives.

Antifa was not done, however. Soon after being kicked out, they decided to become violent again attacking Portland businesses that have already suffered. These businesses have been destroyed, set on fire, and more. Antifa determined that was not enough and went back for more damage again.

Smashed windows and anti-police hate messages were found across the area. It continues to show how dangerous downtown Portland is right now. Recent reports shared that many residents fear having to go downtown.

Antifa continues to get away with almost anything they want in the Portland area. Portland had attempted to shut down homeless camps that were being used to recruit members. Antifa decided to try and intimidate those business owners that were hired to help clean up those homeless camps.

Antifa is not the only one that continues to cause issues in Portland either. Another group, Extinction Rebellion, shut down a road and began painting logos on Saturday.

Portland is a hot mess of liberal causes right now. The local government has lost control and they are creating a city where the citizens are fleeing. Businesses are suffering and the local community may never recover from the allowing of radical ideas to run amuck.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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