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Jim Acosta Blasts Fox News, Ignores CNN’s Own Propaganda

On Saturday, Jim Acosta was trending on Twitter for something he said on air earlier in the day. Specifically, he blasted Fox News calling it a “bulls*** factory” spreading lies. You can see the video of his comments below.

It’s very interesting that everyone would want to celebrate an anchor from CNN blasting Fox News for spreading conspiracy. Now, to be honest, I am not a huge fan of Fox News either. But on the meter of truth, they consistently rise above that of CNN.

Perhaps Acosta has yet to see the video of his own network admitting that they were helping spread propaganda to aid Joe Biden. Yes, that’s spreading conspiracy and lies versus reality just as the overlay said below Acosta’s face as he spoke.

Perhaps Acosta was simply needing attention as he always does. He cried for attention in 2018 when Trump called him a terrible person and revoked his media credentials for White House access. He tried to capitalize by writing a book and then CNN rewarded him with his own show.

But Acosta was berating Fox News here for their reporting that a children’s book by Vice President Kamala Harris was being given to illegal immigrants at the border. The story had been retracted prior to Fox reporting the same and Acosta said it was irresponsible.

Perhaps Acosta also forgot about CNN’s false reporting about former President Donald Trump amid its propaganda push from the time Trump took office. In 2017, they were forced to retract a story as part of the Russia hoax. They continually reported that there was evidence to impeach Trump, when there was no evidence produced.

Even left-wing radical Chris Cuomo attacked CNN for its propaganda as it reported the Biden White House was starting from scratch in the vaccine rollout. It was a propaganda attack on the Trump administration, just as we have come to expect from CNN. But Acosta had nothing to say about that on Saturday.

Instead, he was attempting to turn the attention and anger toward Fox News. It’s a petty attempt at CNN to capitalize on a Democrat president after their struggle through the Trump presidency.

In the bigger picture, which stories with fake reporting are the bigger issue? One about a children’s book, or those that directly influenced American opinion and potentially an election? While I always prefer hearing the actual truth, the lies that were told by Acosta’s network were much more influential.

CNN continues to struggle as it is no longer seen as an actual news organization, but rather a propaganda wing for the Democratic Party. Anything they can do to get some attention they believe will help, all courtesy of their chief cheerleader Jim Acosta.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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