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GOP Leadership Shuffle All About Self-Preservation, Nothing to do with Principle

House Republicans replaced Rep. Liz Cheney (WY) with Rep. Elise Stefanik (NY) as the conference chairman on Friday after Cheney’s ouster on Wednesday. So what?

It’s not news nor a surprise that this “grand” old party replaced one self-serving political hack with another. That’s their game in the Republican “leadership.” Protect their positions, screw the people. That should be their motto.

Let’s make one thing clear, Cheney was certainly deserving of receiving the boot, but not for one single statement she’s made about former President Donald Trump. She deserved the boot because she’s a warmongering, big government hack who threatened her own constituents in Wyoming over an attempt to stand for the Constitution and states’ rights over her never ending war agenda, and she also has been willing to back primary opponents to Republican incumbents for also daring to support the Constitution and fiscal responsibility.

As David Stockman, who was the director of the office of management and budget under President Ronald Reagan, wrote: “There have been few politicians in modern times who have done more to undermine personal liberty, capitalist prosperity, small government and especially world peace than the Cheney Clan. So, upon Liz Cheney’s ouster from the #3 job in the US House GOP hierarchy, we say: Good riddance!”

Stefanik is no different than Cheney, except for her willingness to be a Trump bootlicker. In fact, Stefanik is actually worse than Cheney on the issues that actually affect the American people.

David McIntosh, also a Reagan staffer, said Stefanik is someone with “no principles” which is “the biggest problem the Republican Party has right now.” He said: “She’s very much a liberal. She voted against the Trump tax cuts. She voted against the bill that would keep us out of the climate change accord. She is—throughout her career been a pretty far-left Republican.”

Eric Brakey, a spokesperson for Young Americans for Liberty said: “Warmonger Rep. Liz Cheney deserves to be removed, and the Republican establishment pulled off a real feat: finding the one swamp creature in Congress even worse to replace her. (Stefanik) is a big spender who supports welfare for dictators, mass surveillance on the American people, and forever wars in the Middle East. Not only is Rep. Stefanik ranked less conservative than Rep. Cheney, but she’s also less conservative than many Democrats in Congress.”

Republicans had an option for replacing Cheney. Faced with an actual choice, a limited government conservative in Rep. Chip Roy (TX) who threw his hat into the ring on Thursday, the Republican caucus voted 134-46 for the big government statist Stefanik.

Rep. Thomas Massie (KY) was prescient when he tweeted a week ago: “I don’t know who will win but I’m pretty certain it will be like trading John Boehner for Paul Ryan.”

Roy was doomed from the beginning because he’s part of that most horrifying class of Americans, a white male. Literally, that’s what congressional aides told Axios earlier this month that most “members recognize Cheney can’t be succeeded by a white man.” Of course, these very same Republicans will decry the use of the politically correct “diversity” games when played by the left, but they have no problem playing the stupid game themselves.

The Republican Party is a failed, spineless waste of time. They are hypocrites, at least 134 of them. They don’t care about the tyranny the American people are facing today, the tyranny that in fact most have supported and funded with monstrous, socialist bailouts like the CARES Act, the largest spending bill in human which was signed by Trump last year.

In fact, the so-called Republican “leader” Rep. Kevin McCarthy worked in tandem with Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the socialist CARES Act. Massie tweeted last March: “Pelosi and McCarthy are still working together to block a recorded vote just to insulate members of Congress from ACCOUNTABILITY. Biggest spending bill in the history of mankind, and no recorded vote?”

Prior to entering the race for the conference chair, Roy wrote a memo to his colleagues stating “we should either choose someone who reflects our conservative values, or perhaps leave the position vacant and focus not on a position most people do not care about, but instead a strong agenda based on defending Americans from the radical left remaking their communities.”

Roy was correct that the conference chair is a meaningless position. While the party focuses on their petty games and how to protect themselves, the people are being harassed daily.

This week, a father in New York was arrested for not wearing a mask outside at his son’s baseball game. In Republican Idaho, due process and a right to a speedy trial has been thrown out. Across the country, COVID-19 vaccines are killing more Americans than any vaccine in history.

What’s the Republican Party doing for the American people? Absolutely nothing. They’re playing petty games.

“The future of our republic is at stake, and the message ‘better than radical Democrats’ will neither guarantee victory in 2022 nor win the minds and hearts of Americans to rally them to the cause of securing the blessings of liberty,” Roy wrote.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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