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Critical Race Theory Takes Center Stage in New Proposed Legislation

Two North Carolina Representatives have brought critical race theory to the center stage in Washington, DC. Rep’s Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) and Virginia Foxx (R-NC) have proposed the PEACE Act. The bill amends the Consolidated Appropriations Act, prohibiting federal funds from going to schools that promote critical race theory.

Critical race theory has become the topic of discussion across the country as a contributing factor to many of the issues that are currently happening in our country. Black Lives Matter and other radical left-wing groups find their basis in critical race theory. The idea also teaches that American history is not that of a free nation, but rather one that was established to perpetuate slavery. While slavery was a part of our nation’s history, it had nothing to do with the founding of our nation.

In a statement to Fox News, Rep. Foxx said, “We are a collection of the failures and successes of past generations to create a nation grounded in the idea that all people are created equal. That is what our schools should be teaching our youth, that no matter your background, there is room for you to succeed in America.” Rep. Cawthorn said, “This legislation will ensure that Critical Race Theory is dismantled and that American children are taught true American history, not false anarchical hysteria.”

States, like Florida and Tennessee, quickly took measures to block critical race theory from being taught in their states. Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho and North Carolina all have either passed or are working to pass measures banning the theory from being taught in schools as well.

North Carolina’s Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson has established a task force to combat indoctrination in the classroom by using things like critical race theory. Robinson has been attacked personally for his work against the radical-left, even as they attacked him as a racist being the first Black Lt. Gov. in North Carolina history.

Critical race theory is an offshoot of critical theory, a part of the dangerous Marxist ideas that the radical left has been using to push change across the country. It is vitally important that you understand that these things that are happening are much more than simple actions across the country, but rather part of a large Marxist revolution.

The legislation proposed by Cawthorn and Foxx will no doubt fail to pass or possibly even be considered in the Democratic-controlled house. It is an important first step in educating everyone and continuing to put pressure on the radical left to expose their actions and desires.

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