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Critical Race Theory is RACIST!

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is being funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The National Center for Education Research (NCER) claims it “supports rigorous research that addresses the nation’s most pressing education needs, from early childhood to adult education.” This institution is part of the Institute of Education Science (IES), an arm of the U.S. Department of Education (USDE).

NCER issued a grant using IES funds (i.e., taxpayer funds) to North Carolina Central University’s (NCCU) Research Institute for Scholars of Equity (RISE). The award amount, $1,116,895. The purpose, to conduct “Mixed Methods Research to Improve Academic Outcomes Among PK-20 African American and Latino/a Children, Youth and Young Adults.”

This research is to focus “on the ongoing inequities in education found in American schooling, especially for preK-20 African American and Latino/a students.” At the core of this research program is an “eight-week summer research institute in which fellows will be introduced to critical race theory.” CRT is to be used as “a means of studying issues such as teacher quality, education policy, and race and social justice in education.”

And what does NCCU say about Critical Race Theory? Per NCCU, “CRT is a lens for examining policies that impair social equity and advances understanding of the broader context of American schooling and the diverse experiences of students, families and teachers.” And what is the goal of RISE? Mobilizing “its recruitment efforts to include Underrepresented Minorities (URMs) to swell the number of URMs who are well-trained individuals such that they can pursue careers that grant them a place at the table in the policy arena.” Notice the phrase “grant them.” Not “earn” a place at the table, but “grant them” a place at the table based on the color of their skin. This is the new racism being pushed by progressives in America.

Premises of Critical Race Theory

One of the premises of critical race theory is that the colonization of the New World set the foundation for slavery and racism. Margaret Zamudio, a professor at the University of Colorado, notes that, “The colonization of the Americas, Africa, and the Asiatic world by the European powers set the foundation for contemporary racial inequality.” Zamudio claims, “These colonial processes divided the world between conquered and colonizer, master and slave, white and non-white.”

It is important to note that Zamudio’s views are historically inaccurate. For one, slavery and racism have plagued the world long before America was discovered. Furthermore, slavery was not reserved to white masters and black slaves. In fact, in America, there were white indentured servants that labored side by side with black slaves. Moreover, there were thousands of black masters who owned black slaves. Click here for a brief discussion on this subject.

America is unique in the fact that it fought a great Civil War to free slaves. No other country in history can claim this. In fact, hundreds of thousands of whites died to free slaves, who were in no position to secure freedom for themselves. Zamudio claims that, “Critical race theorists engage in the practice of retelling history from a minority perspective. In doing so, CRT exposes the contradictions inherent in the dominant storyline that, among other things, blames people of color for their own condition of inequality.”

That last ridiculous statement is a confession by CRT advocates to wanting to rewrite history through the lens of racist historiography by employing critical race theory. And professor Zamudio? Well, Zamudio was a drug addict and alcoholic who was fired from the University of Colorado for selling cocaine and died in an alcohol related incident.

Nevertheless, critical race theory advocates claim they “pay particular attention to the role of power and control when discussing racial subordination.” They contend “whites use power to maintain control (of both institutions and ideologies) more so than to hurt people of color.” They further assert that, “White hegemony or control, including the historical tradition of this hegemony, and white privilege prevail.” For CRT advocates (activists) in academia, “If racial equality in education is genuinely valued, than the control and power that whites currently hold must be addressed.”

This is nothing more than a purposeful and vindictive attempt at condoning racism against whites in academia, which will surely spill into society, creating more division and racial tensions. This is what the American Left wants, more victims to fill the empty spaces abandoned by those who no longer see themselves as victims and have joined the Party of Freedom and emancipation, the Republican Party. Our task? To work actively against any attempt by the Left to brainwash our children in public and private schools. Become part of the school board, attend parent-teacher conferences, and get involved in your child’s education. If you can, homeschool your child. We can abolish the Democratic Party if we take away their hold on academia.

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Edwin Vazquez

Christian, family oriented American Patriot. Math/Stats (BS), Biomedical Engineering (MS), and PhD student - U.S. History. Retired Chief Biomedical Engineer and United States Armed Forces and Gulf War veteran. Retired Entrepreneur.

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