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China Ghosts US Military Leaders and That Should Cause Concern

Top Chinese military officials are refusing to talk to US military officials. It was first reported by Reuters on Friday. The report said that U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has attempted to reach out to his Chinese counterparts multiple times. Those calls have gone unanswered.

Biden should be able to work out a communication channel with his friend, Chinese President Xi Jinping. After all, the two apparently were very close according to Biden’s own account. But that has not happened.

That very fact, along with the Chinese silence should put the US and the rest of the world on notice. Why would the communist party not want to keep one of their “biggest threats” on good terms? It would seem like they would want to at least appear friendly on the surface. One report out of China on Friday may give us a good idea.

The South China Morning Post is reporting that a very well-connected think tank believes China and Taiwan are on the brink of war. That belief is based on the US pulling closer to Taiwan during the Trump presidency and the growing desire to control the region. Taiwan relies heavily on the US for survival.

China claims that it has control over Taiwan, even though the island is seen as independent from the communist nation. China has indicated that they would be willing to use force to bring the island under Beijing’s control if necessary. Taiwan would not be able to ward off a Chinese invasion of the island.

The think tank states that if the current trends continue, it will only be a matter of time for China to invade Taiwan and take over. That’s where things become tricky for Joe Biden.

Biden has talked a tough talk with China and Russia, but so far has not produced any results. Previously, Biden said that the US would have to decide if it would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion. That decision may very well fall to a President Biden to make.

In late 2020, Bloomberg brought up the idea of a potential Chinese invasion of the country and even shows images where China has developed training grounds with exact replicas of high value targets in Taiwan. Bloomberg also noted that Chinese military technology could prevent the US or Taiwan from having any advance warning of the attack.

China has said that any advance by the US to defend Taiwan would result in a war. But would President Biden be willing to sit back and allow the Chinese to take over the island?

With the reports out of the think tank and the silence from Chinese military leaders, it should be considered that China is on the verge of making a move in Taiwan. The pressure then heads to President Biden, who will be faced with the task of supporting Taiwan and entering World War 3, or allowing China to continue on their agenda and appear weak after his tough talk.

Either way, Biden will appear weak in all honesty. He has claimed that he would be tough on China, but his positions and presidency have done little to hold the communist nation accountable.

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